Pioneering Indian astronomer welcomes India`s telescope quest

An expat Indian astronomer in Texas, who was one of the first humans to glimpse the Universe`s most distant galaxy, is hopeful about the future of science in India and about India pitching in to build the world`s largest telescope.

Memory testing can age older adults in minutes

Older adults who feel younger than they really are might want to steer clear of memory tests, or risk feeling older, a new study suggests.

Non-invasive technique to detect oral cancer developed

Scientists have come up with a non-invasive and more effective way to detect oral cancer, says a study.

Bomb threat at Texas A&M Univ forces evacuation

Evacuation orders were issued at a US Univ after a bomb threat was received, a month after similar warnings created panic at three institutions.

Eating wisely calls for self-control: Study

People who successfully control their diet eat fewer unhealthy foods because they are satisfied sooner, a study shows.

Shootings near Texas A&M University kill three

A man opened fire on police officers near the Texas A&M University campus killing a local constable and a bystander.

Mass shootings in US claiming hundreds of lives

The shooting incident near the Texas A&M University campus, is the latest of mass shootings in America.

Three killed in shooting near Texas Univ in US

3 persons killed in the shooting included Brian Bachmann, a Brazos County constable, apart from the gunman himself and an unidentified civilian.