Text messages could help fight malaria

Simple text message reminders to take malaria medication can help in the fight against the deadly disease, Harvard scientists say.

Farrah Abraham `flirting` with Charlie Sheen via text message

Farrah Abraham and Charlie Sheen are apparently willing to hook up and are trying to work out on their time slot for each other.

John Mayer sending flirty texts to Rihanna?

John Mayer is reportedly sending `flirty` messages to Rihanna.

Now, iPhone case that holds your coffee cup while you text

A new iPhone case has been made that comes with a coffee cup holder, and makers of the unique casing believe that it will be a roaring success.

Charlie Sheen dumped by ‘goddess’ Bree Olson via text message

Charlie Sheen has revealed that Bree Olson, one of his goddess girlfriends, has dumped him via text message.

Nigeria forces on alert after text message threats

Nigerian police and immigration services are on high alert after officials said Monday they received text messages threatening new religious violence by a radical Islamic sect.

Text messages can be used as evidence for divorce

In a new legal development in France, SMS text messages revealing adultery can be used as evidence for divorce.