Text- messaging programs can help smokers quit

Washington: A new study suggests that mobile phone program doubles the chances of smokers quitting.

Mobile phones, social media `easing disaster impact`

Mobile phones and social media are saving thousands of lives in disaster-prone countries but many vulnerable communities still need to be equipped with modern communications, the Red Cross said Thursday.

`Smartphone chat apps taking over text messaging`

Chat apps and free messaging services designed for smartphones are slowly killing text messaging with businesses and teenagers shifting their way of communication.

Inflammatory content uploaded from Pak: YouTube

The government has ordered ban of more than 250 pages charging that morphed images and videos were uploaded displaying alleged atrocities on Muslims.

Mobile phone SMS could be used for malaria control in Africa

Dejan Zurovac and colleagues from the Kenya Medical Research Institute/Wellcome Trust Research Program, Nairobi, Kenya described six areas where text messaging could improve the delivery of health services and health outcomes in malaria in Africa.

UK govt to store phone call, e-mail details now

The move is certain to cause controversy over civil liberties, but would also raise concerns over the security of the records.