Women hooked to texting, men can't live without Facebook

Contrary to the traditional view that men are more invested in technology, a new study found that more young women are addicted to cell phones and even get agitated when it is not in sight.

Man stabbed in heart after bumping strangers while texting

A Canadian man was stabbed in the heart on Wednesday after bumping into two pedestrians on a downtown Toronto street while texting, police said.

Loud talking, not texting, likely to cause distracted driving

It is not texting and driving but loud conversations and horseplay between passengers that are more likely to result in a dangerous incident when teens are behind the wheel, according to a new study.

New app that lets you text without Internet connection or cell service

A new app in the virtual world called FireChat has been launched that lets users communicate with others in close proximity without any service provider or Internet.

Beware! Cell phone texting bad for heart

The hunching posture adopted by smart phone users or other mobile devices is as bad as being obese and could lead to breathing problems in old age, new research has found.

Does Facebook-WhatsApp deal mean death of SMS?

Facebook announced its WhatsApp acquisition plans for an eye popping 19 billion dollars and the market went dizzy with the initial sticker stock, however, the biggest question still remains whether mobile messaging eventually bring death to the traditional SMS text messaging.

WhatsApp glitch brings back dead from grave

WhatsApp users have reportedly discovered a flaw in the messaging service, as a result of which, even those who have apparently left this world, appear `active` in the virtual world.

New messaging app allows texting without leaving a trace

A new messaging app called Ansa has been developed for those who take their online footprint seriously.

Texting while driving more dangerous than talking on phone

Trying to do two visual tasks at once hurt performance in both tasks significantly more than combining a visual and an audio task, a new research has found.

Americans spend 23 hours per week online, texting

Addicted to Internet! An average user in the US spends a staggering 23 hours a week emailing, texting and using social networking sites and other forms of online communication, new research has found.

Adults spend almost 91% of time on mobile phone

Ninety-one percent of adults own cell phones and apparently spend 91 percent of the time using them for talking or texting, a study on American adults have revealed.

Heavy texting makes teens shallow

Higher texting frequency was also consistently associated with higher levels of ethnic prejudice.

US chopper crashed due to texting pilot? Probe on

The August 26, 2011, accident near Mosby, Missouri, which killed four people, appears to be the first fatal commercial aircraft accident investigated by the board in which texting has been implicated.

New safety system stops driver from texting by disabling car

Most systems designed to stop texting while driving do so by blocking text message signals when the phone is in a car.

`Sexting is hardwired in our brains`

Scientists have claimed that the desire to share intimate pictures with others may actually not be their fault -- it could be hardwired into their brains.

Now, CCTVs that they can zoom in to read text messages

Surveillance cameras are now so powerful that they are able to zoom in and read text messages, leading to fears of further privacy intrusion by a ‘Big Brother’ style state, it has been revealed.

Text, lies and video tape: People likely to lie when texting!

People are more likely to lie when texting and most honest in video chats, says a new study.

Child `sexters` uncommon: Study

Sexually explicit material isn`t as widespread on kids` cell phones as some surveys have suggested.

Woman obsessed with texting has kept all 100,000 messages she received

A woman obsessed with text messaging has revealed that she has kept every one of the 100,000 messages she’s received since her first in 1999.

Texting is the future of modern poetry, says laureate

Defending the use of text messages by young people, a poet laureate has claimed that texting is the future of modern poetry.