How texting can help diabetics manage insulin doses

 A new study has revealed that texting can help diabetics with low-income to manage their insulin doses.

Texting while walking makes you slow and swerve

 We often text while walking but being cognitively distracted while walking may significantly affect the way a person walks and may result in a more cautious gait. 

Here's how texting, tweeting in classroom impact your learning

 A new study has evaluated how different types of messaging impact student retention of classroom material.

Why college students can't stop texting even at inappropriate times

A new study has revealed that texting is too tempting for college students even when it's inappropriate.

NFL: Browns GM banned four games for texting to sideline

Cleveland Browns general manager Ray Farmer was suspended for four games without pay by the National Football League on Monday for violating rules banning the use of electronic devices during games.

Texting addicts more prone to painful 'text-necks'

If you love chatting on phone, you are likely to develop what doctors are calling the painful phenomenon as the "text neck."

Texting better than apps to treat mental illness
Texting better than apps to treat mental illness

Simple texting via smartphones can be a more suitable treatment aid for those with mental illness than mobile apps, a study has found.

Better drivers worse at texting while driving

Older, more mature motorists, who typically are better drivers in many circumstances are much worse than their younger counterparts when it comes to texting while driving, says a research.

Texting while driving major distraction among teens

A new survey has revealed that texting is one of the top a top distraction for teenagers when they are behind the wheel.

Too much texting bad for your spine

 Simple texting on smartphone can exert nearly 23 kg of pressure on your spine depending on the angle at which you are texting, an alarming research has revealed.

People text while driving in spite of knowing consequences

A new survey has revealed that people text while driving, despite knowing the consequences.

App stops texting while driving
App stops texting while driving

A new app aims to stop your mobile phone from distracting you while you drive, at least by text messages.

Texting with Google Glass distracts drivers
Texting with Google Glass distracts drivers

Texting while driving with Google Glass is a clear distraction on the road, says a study.

Women hooked to texting, men can't live without Facebook

Contrary to the traditional view that men are more invested in technology, a new study found that more young women are addicted to cell phones and even get agitated when it is not in sight.

Man stabbed in heart after bumping strangers while texting

A Canadian man was stabbed in the heart on Wednesday after bumping into two pedestrians on a downtown Toronto street while texting, police said.

Loud talking, not texting, likely to cause distracted driving

It is not texting and driving but loud conversations and horseplay between passengers that are more likely to result in a dangerous incident when teens are behind the wheel, according to a new study.

New app that lets you text without Internet connection or cell service

A new app in the virtual world called FireChat has been launched that lets users communicate with others in close proximity without any service provider or Internet.

Beware! Cell phone texting bad for heart

The hunching posture adopted by smart phone users or other mobile devices is as bad as being obese and could lead to breathing problems in old age, new research has found.

Does Facebook-WhatsApp deal mean death of SMS?

Facebook announced its WhatsApp acquisition plans for an eye popping 19 billion dollars and the market went dizzy with the initial sticker stock, however, the biggest question still remains whether mobile messaging eventually bring death to the traditional SMS text messaging.

WhatsApp glitch brings back dead from grave

WhatsApp users have reportedly discovered a flaw in the messaging service, as a result of which, even those who have apparently left this world, appear `active` in the virtual world.