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Is it OK to use cellphones at dinner table?

Is it OK to use cellphones at dinner table?

Not all phone use is perceived at meal time as bad, says a new research.

Texting, entertainment equally important for smartphone users

Texting, entertainment equally important for smartphone users

Phone calls also accounted for another 22 percent of time, while social media and emails each accounted for 10 percent of respondents' time.

Texting at night is bad for teens' sleep, studies

The new study, by Rutgers University, is the first of its kind to find an association specifically between nighttime texting and the sleep quality and school performance of American teens.

Now, type more to cut-down blood pressure

If you are often nabbed by your parents for text messaging, then you must make them read this article as a new study has revealed that typing could help reduce blood pressure.

Compulsive texting habits can mar your daughter's grades

Compulsive texting habits can mar your daughter's grades

It appears that it is the compulsive nature of texting, rather than sheer frequency, that is problematic.

70% people use smartphones while driving: Study

While texting (61 percent) and emailing (33 percent) are still the top activities of the drivers.

BlackBerry 'pauses' global rollout of BBM for Android, iOS

However, the Canada-based firm, which has not specified the time when the app will be available, said customers who have downloaded BBM for iPhone will be able to use it.

BBM chat on Android, iPhone to be available from Saturday

Android users will be able to download the application on Saturday, while iPhone users can get it on Sunday.

Phone users will send 2 mn words of SMS’ in their lifetime: Study

Researchers predict this would total 1,993,200 if someone texted friends from their mid-teens to the age of 80.

Nearly 43% of youths admit to texting while driving

According to a study, nearly 43 percent of high school students of driving age, who were surveyed in 2011, reported texting while driving at least once in the past 30 days.

Now, device that disables car to prevent driver from texting

In the new system, to start the car, drivers must insert their smartphone into the device called ORIGOSafe, which is installed in the vehicle's centre console.

Too much smsing may give you 'text neck'

Taking breaks while using devices and remaining physically fit will also help you avoid pain in the neck area.

Texting overtakes talking in UK

The average UK consumer now sends 50 texts per week, which has more than doubled in four years, with over 150 billion text messages sent in 2011.

`Sexting is hardwired in our brains`

Scientists have claimed that the desire to share intimate pictures with others may actually not be their fault -- it could be hardwired into their brains.

Texting kills 5,000 people every year in the US

Texting and talking on cell phones behind the wheel kills more than 5,000 people every year on US highways. Teen drivers seem to be especially susceptible to distraction, a study says.

Now, CCTVs that they can zoom in to read text messages

Surveillance cameras are now so powerful that they are able to zoom in and read text messages, leading to fears of further privacy intrusion by a ‘Big Brother’ style state, it has been revealed.