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Therapy pets helping anxious, fearful travelers relax

Therapy pets helping anxious, fearful travelers relax

The aim of the service is to have therapy animals at the airport to destress passengers, Efe quoted Jessica Ramirez, the office manager for Pets Unstressing Passengers (PUP), as saying.

Cell therapy may mend damaged hearts: Study

 Heart failure patients who are treated with stem cell therapy may have fewer cardiac events, researchers, including one of Indian-origin, have found.

New therapy to quickly heal respiratory infections

A new therapy that helps in quick healing of colds, bronchitis and several forms of respiratory allergies was launched here on Saturday.

Triple-therapy treatment may fight resistant lung cancers

A triple therapy treatment consisting of two experimental drugs and radiation therapy may help fight lung cancers that are resistant to current treatments, a new study has claimed.

Therapy linked to brain activity in personality disorder

According to researchers, these findings suggest that TFP may potentially facilitate symptom improvement in BPD.

Gene therapy cures leukemia patient in China

 Chinese doctors have cured a patient of leukemia using gene therapy, a hospital in Chongqing announced on Friday.

Implantable LEDs to revolutionize bio-medicine

Flexible, implantable LEDs be used to light inside the body to activate drugs or monitor medical conditions.