Geithner joining Council on Foreign Relations

Timothy Geithner is joining the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, his first public move since stepping down as US Treasury Secretary last month.

Obama to nominate Jack Lew as new US Treasury Secretary

President Barack Obama, in an effort to rejuvenate the battered US economy, will nominate his Chief-of-Staff and budget specialist Jack Lew as the next Treasury Secretary.

US could fall off ‘fiscal cliff’, warns Timothy Geithner

The Obama administration has warned that there is no guarantee America would not go over the ‘fiscal cliff’.

US treasury secretary to visit India in October

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner would travel to India early next month for the third round of economic dialogue between the two countries.

Geithner to visit India later this month

Aiming to further expand the bilateral economic engagement, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner would travel to New Delhi and Mumbai later this month for the third annual meet of the US-India Economic and Financial Partnership.

US lauds India’s support on Iran sanctions

US Treasury Secretary Timothy
Geithner has lauded India for being "very supportive" in many respects on the issue of sanctions against Iran.

Obama won`t ask me to stay in a 2nd term: Geithner

Timothy Geithner is the only remaining top official on Barack Obama`s original economics team.

US Treasury Secretary to have surgery for kidney stones

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner expects to be back at work on Monday.

Hillary, Geithner to lead America in US-China dialogue

Hillary and Timothy Geithner would be leading a group of about 200 officials.

US-India cooperation key for stability, growth: Geithner

The ability of the US and India to cooperate on economic and financial issues will be critical to global efforts to create a more stable global financial system and balanced economic growth, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Tuesday.

Geithner leaves for India to launch economic partnership

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has left for New Delhi to launch the Indo-US Economic and Financial Partnership which according to him would set the
pace and put and economic relationship between the two countries.

Living in India as a kid is great gift to me: Geithner

Set to embark on his maiden official visit to India next week, US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says it was a "great gift" for him to have lived in New Delhi for 5 during his childhood, where he learnt to play cricket.

India visit aimed at strengthening ties: Geithner

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner will visit New Delhi next week

Geithner, NY Fed defend actions on AIG payments

Timothy Geithner denied any role in disclosures about American International Group`s payments to banks and defended his decisions as New York Federal Reserve chief to pay full price to retire AIG credit default swaps.

Geithner says $700 bn bailout program will end soon

Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner affirmed on Wednesday the administration`s intent to soon end the USD 700 billion financial bailout program.

US Treasury Secretary warns against putting brakes on stimulus

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner has warned against putting the brakes on economic stimulus measures too quickly, saying that would weaken the economy.

US economy recovering but fixes needed: Geithner

US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner says the nation is moving toward economic recovery but that the regulatory system is broken and must be fixed.

First signs of growth visible in global economy: Geithner

The steps taken by the G-20
have helped the recovery of the global economy and the "first
signs of positive growth" are visible, US Timothy Geithner has said.