Titanic II to have `third-class` as original

Titanic II, a replica of the 1912 ill-fated ocean liner expected to set sail in 2017, will have almost the same design as the original including a third-class with shared bathrooms and even a symbolic "delousing".

Aussie tycoon unveils blueprint of replica Titanic II

An Australian multi-millionaire has unveiled blueprints for the Titanic II- a modern replica of the world`s most famous ocean liner- which he plans to build and sail across the Atlantic just like its namesake attempted to.

Titanic II to set sail from England to New York in 2016

An Australian mining magnate today unveiled plans to build Titanic II, which may make its maiden voyage from England to New York in 2016.

Hold your breath for Chinese-built Titanic II

An Australian billionaire said the maiden voyage of a high-tech replica of the Titanic will be in late 2016.

Titanic II sinks in harbour on maiden voyage

Most people would think twice before buying a boat named Titanic II.