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Scans suggest `90%` chance of hidden chamber in King Tut tomb


Cairo: Scans in King Tutankhamun`s tomb in Egypt`s Valley of the Kings point to a hidden chamber, the country`s Antiquities Minister said on Saturday, possibly heralding the discovery of Queen Nefertiti`s resting place.

Warrior tomb filled with Bronze Age wealth found in Greece

The Bronze Age warrior's tomb dating back to about 1500 BC was discovered in Pylos, Greece, by an international research team led by The University of Cincinnati (UC).

Traces of flowers found on Palaeolithic tomb

Placing flowers on the tomb could be quite an ancient practice as researchers have traced flowers placed on the tomb of the so-called Red Lady, dating to the early phase of the Stone Age.

Turkish military enters Syria to evacuate troops, tomb

Turkish military enters Syria to evacuate troops, tomb

Turkish soldiers launched an overnight raid into neighboring Syria, evacuating dozens of besieged troops guarding an Ottoman tomb and moving the crypt on Sunday back to Turkey after ceremonially planting the country's crescent-and-star flag.

Turkish troops enter Syria, evacuate guards from tomb

Almost 600 Turkish troops pushed deep into Syria early Sunday in an unprecedented incursion, evacuating Turkish soldiers guarding a historic tomb who had been stranded in territory controlled by Islamic State jihadists.

Turkey evacuates troops guarding tomb inside Syria: PM

Turkey evacuates troops guarding tomb inside Syria: PM

A group of Turkish soldiers entered Syria in a successful operation to repatriate troops guarding a Turkish enclave surrounded by Islamic State (IS) militants, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said Sunday.

Satellite imagery may help find 800-yr-old 'secret tomb' of Genghis Khan

Satellite imagery and more than 10,000 people may help discover the tomb of blood-thirsty warlord, Genghis Khan, which has remained secret for 800 years even after his death.

Tomb of Pharaoh's unknown queen found in Egypt

Tomb of a previously unknown Egyptian queen believed to have been the wife of Pharaoh Neferefre who ruled the country 4,500 years ago has been discovered, Czech archaeologists said Monday.

DNA analysis to help identify occupant of Greece tomb

 After the discovery of a human skeleton at the Amphipolis burial complex in northern Greece this week, the focus of experts has turned to the DNA testing which could help reveal the identity of the "owner" of the magnificent massive tomb.

Skeletal remains found at tomb from Alexander the Great's era

Archaeologists have found skeletal remains inside a limestone grave at a vast ancient tomb in Greece dating to Alexander the Great`s era, the most significant discovery to date at the site.

Greek researchers discover remains of  Alexander the Great's father

Greek researchers discover remains of Alexander the Great's father

A team of Greek researchers claimed to have discovered the remains of Macedonian King Philip II, the father of Alexander the Great.

Turkey top general gives support to exclave troops at `critical` time

 Turkey`s top general on Tuesday issued an unusual message of support for Turkish troops stationed at an exclave inside Syria at a "critical" period, saying the army would act if ever they needed help.

Ancient Greek tomb dig finds marble statues

Archaeologists slowly digging through a huge 2,300-year-old tomb in northern Greece have uncovered two life-sized marble female statues flanking the entrance to one of three underground chambers.

1200-year-old tomb found in China

Archaeologists in China today discovered a 40-meter long tomb with well preserved wall paintings dating back more than 1,200 years in the country`s northwest Shaanxi Province.

Mystery over massive Alexander-era tomb unearthed in Greece

Archaeologists have unearthed a funeral mound dating from the time of Alexander the Great and believed to be the largest ever discovered in Greece, but are stumped about who was buried in it.

Saddam Hussein`s tomb damaged in fighting

Iraqi soldiers have clashed with militants from the Islamic State group in the hometown of late President Saddam Hussein, damaging his tomb.

Ancient tomb discovered in China

An ancient tomb dating back 1,500 years has been unearthed in China`s Shanxi province, offering researchers valuable material relating to the Northern Wei Dynasty.

3,200-year-old skeleton with cancer found in Sudan

Archaeologists have discovered 3,200-year-old skeleton of a young man with a spreading form of cancer, the oldest known example of the disease often linked to a modern lifestyle.

Tomb of pharaoh`s stable master discovered in Egypt

Archaeologists have discovered the nearly 3,500-year-old tomb of a royal stable master from the pharaonic era in the famed temple city of Luxor, Egypt, the government said today.

Giant sarcophagus leads to tomb of previously forgotten dynasty`s pharaoh

Archaeologists have discovered the tomb of a previously unknown pharaoh: Woseribre Senebkay - and the first material proof of a forgotten Abydos Dynasty, ca. 1650-1600 BC.