Oral hygiene: 5 home remedies to cure toothache

Do you feel miserable when you bite into your favourite ice cream and you get a toothache? Toothache is one of the most common problems that is faced by anyone and the worst part is that it attacks without warning.

Dinosaurs possibly the earliest animals to get toothache

Scientists found the fossilised jawbone of Sinosaurus, presumed to have existed 190 million years ago, and concluded that it could be the earliest discovered animal that had a toothache.

Amazon rainforest remedy for toothache

Acmella oleracea is so potent that it might even replace uncomfortable anaesthetic shots and provide a natural remedy for teething babies.

Get rid of toothache

Get rid of toothache: Wash the head and keep a wet cloth on it. Then for two minutes wash the mouth with hot water in which salt has been added. Immediately after that wash mouth with cold water.

Get rid of Toothache

Acute pain in teeth due to various reasons.

It`s toothache for Liz Hurley

Hurley had to rush to a dentist after she started suffering tooth pains.