Shatterproof device to save touchscreens from cracks

To make the touchscreen of your smartphone shatterproof, scientists have developed a transparent electrode that could change the face of smartphones, literally, by making their displays completely shatterproof.

New FaceCrypt app uses face-recognition technology for accessing passwords

A new password app has been reportedly developed that uses face-recognition technology to let users manage their multiple passwords easily.

Touchscreens to now double as fingerprint recognition tool

A new touchscreen display, which is capable of identifying fingerprints, is closer to reality.

Now, WorldKit technology that transforms everything into touchscreens

A latest experimental technology system, called WorldKit reportedly turns any surface into a touchscreen by pairing a depth-sensing camera lens with a projector lens.

New keyboard for superfast typing on touchscreens

Texting just got a lot easier!

Soon, touchscreens to `learn` your habits for faster and error-free typing

Researchers including one of Indian origin, have suggested that keyboards that adjust to individual typing styles could ease the frustration and reduce the mistakes one makes as they walk and type on their touchscreens.