Three South Korean workers die at nuke plant construction site

Three South Korean workers died on Friday after apparently inhaling toxic gas at a construction site for a nuclear plant being built by South Korea's monopoly nuclear power company, which has come under recent threats by hackers, a company official said.

Syrian rebels accused of using toxic gas

Al Qaeda-linked Nusra Front used toxic gas in the central province of Hama, killing at least two people and causing suffocation to hundred others, official Syrian media said Saturday.

Britain`s Queen lives in extreme polluted conditions

87-year-old Queen Elizabeth II is living in a palace surrounded by the most polluted air in all of Britain, a media report said on Sunday.

Three die after inhaling toxic gas in Delhi

Three men, including an in charge of public convenience, were killed Thursday after inhaling poisonous gases inside a drain here, police said.

Panic as Russia mistakenly reports 55 deaths from `toxic gas`

Russians in Siberia were thrown into momentary panic on Friday when the emergencies ministry mistakenly issued a press release reporting 55 people had died from inhaling toxic chlorine gas.

Over 40 fall ill in China after inhaling toxic gas

Over 40 people were taken ill after inhaling toxic chlorine gas in north China`s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region.

Toxic gas kills eight in Pakistan coal mine

Those who fainted were taken to a nearby hospital where eight of them were confirmed dead.

Industrial worker dies after inhaling toxic gas

A worker died and six others fell
seriously ill after inhaling poisonous gas that leaked from an industrial unit near here in North Maharashtra Friday.

40 taken ill after inhaling toxic gas

At least 40 people
were taken ill after inhaling toxic gas leaked from a
pesticide plant at Maitapur in Simulia area of Odisha`s
Balasore district.

Balasore: Two persons die, one taken ill after inhaling toxic gas

Two persons died and another was seriously ill after inhaling toxic gas while
trying to clean a sewerage tank in Suelpur locality, police said.

New Zealand: All trapped miners dead after second blast

New Zealand Police say all 29 workers are dead after a second blast at coal mine.

Over 40 hospitalised after inhaling toxic gas in Navi Mumbai

Over 40 people, including children, were on Tuesday hospitalised with breathing problems after inhaling poisonous ammonia gas which leaked from a tank in a cold storage room of a company in neighbouring Navi Mumbai, police said.