Israel to introduce levitating `sky trains` to ease traffic congestion, protect environment

Israel`s Tel Aviv city is set to welcome levitating `sky trains` to tackle the problem of heavy traffic and environmental pollution.

Soon, `talking` cars to ease traffic congestion

Imagine a future where vehicles can `talk` in real time!

Washington has worst traffic congestion in US

Washington is known as the city of political gridlock, but it is also the city with the worst traffic gridlock in the US, according to a new report.

Beijing to open more subway lines to ease traffic

The Chinese capital is all set to put four subway lines into operation tomorrow as part of the city`s efforts to expand rail transit to ease congestion on the roads.

Govt starts work on 14 new BRT corridors

Notwithstanding opposition to the existing bus rapid transport stretch, Delhi government decided to start ground work on construction of 14 new BRT corridors.

Organised public transport a must: AP speaker

A safe and organised public transport system would help in tackling the problem of traffic congestion, Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly Speaker Nadendla Manohar said here on Saturday.

`J&K roads fails to match increase in vehicles`

The state government has taken short and long term measures by including installation of delineators, traffic cones and road dividers.

Volunteers to aid cops to ease traffic congestion

Concerned over the increasing
traffic congestion in Shillong, Meghalaya government today
decided to augment the requirement of traffic police by
recruiting volunteers to aid them.