Traffic lights bring unhealthy food to a halt!

Labelling food items with traffic light colours and positioning healthy products at eye level in a retail store can infuse healthy choices among customers, says a study.

Soon, a car that makes stopping at traffic lights history

A car maker from Germany is developing a technology that calculates the amount of time before an upcoming set of traffic lights turn red, and tell driver the ideal speed needed to navigate roads and intersections.

NCP demands traffic lights, other measures to check accidents

The state unit of Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) on Monday staged a rally here to demand installation of traffic lights and speed breakers in high traffic areas of Jammu to check road accidents.

Traffic lights to begin operation on Aug 3: Jammu

Jammu and Kashmir will have operational traffic lights by Aug 3 to regulate traffic systems and reduce jams, particularly during peak hours.

Soon, traffic lights to do fuel management job

A new technology will equip traffic lights to control vehicle`s engine and improve fuel efficiency.