US issues Saudi Arabia travel warning ahead of Obama visit

US issues Saudi Arabia travel warning ahead of Obama visit

The US State Department has issued a travel warning for the US citizens planning to visit Saudi Arabia ahead of President Barack Obama's visit to the Gulf country.

US issues travel warning to its citizens in Nepal

The US has warned its nationals against traveling to Nepal citing concern about recent incidents of violence in the earthquake-ravaged country which might affect its tourism sector.

UK wants to review Tunisia travel warning: Envoy

Britain wants to review its travel advisory on Tunisia "as soon as possible", after urging its tourists to leave over fears of another deadly attack, London's ambassador said on Tuesday.

US shutdown prompts Germany, UK to issue ‘travel warning’

Among the first visible impacts of the US government shutdown on foreign nations, Germany and the United Kingdom issued ‘travel advisory’ for America.

Now, armoured car for Czech ambassador in Syria

A special armoured BMW X5 car is to protect Czech Republic Ambassador Eva Filipi as the conflict inside Syria is escalating.

S Korea raises travel warning on Libya after attacks

S Korea has upgraded its warning against travel to Libya following a spate of violent attacks and looting at South Korean-run construction sites.

Britain issues travel advisory against India

Britain has warned its nationals to be careful while visiting Goa and 4 major Indian cities.