India Bike Week to be held in Goa

India's leading festival of mean machines and music -- India Bike Week-- will be held in Goa from February 20.

Now, 'Bluesmart suitcase' that can self-weigh, charge phone on the go

Researchers have recently developed a "Bluesmart suitcase" that is equipped with digital technology to solve to basic needs of travelers like charging phone and self-weighing among others.

Holiday gifts for travelers, from bags to gadgets

Many travelers have a favorite item or gadget they can`t leave home without — the equivalent of a teddy bear for grown-ups.

Your GPS may not always be right

Too many travellers are letting technology lull them into a false sense of security.

50,000 travelers affected by Eurostar break downs

The only rail link between Britain and France was closed for testing Sunday, after a series of breakdowns trapped thousands in a tunnel for hours in claustrophobic conditions, train company Eurostar said.

Mens` messiness angers female travelers the most

Most women hate their partners’ messiness when they are travelling together, according to a new Australian survey.

British Airways` social media portal to help travelers

British Airways, has launched its social media site, Metrotwin Mumbai,
to link Mumbai with London.