Tropical forests absorb far more CO2 than thought: NASA
Tropical forests absorb far more CO2 than thought: NASA

Tropical forests may be absorbing far more carbon dioxide in response to its rising atmospheric levels than many scientists thought, a new NASA-led study says.

Semi-arid areas could become carbon sinks: Study

Semi-arid areas on the planet could become carbon sinks in the future despite the fact that they hold the carbon for a short period compared to tropical forests, according to a study in Australia published Thursday.

Mechanics behind flying snakes` gliding maneuver revealed

Researchers exploring the aerodynamics of flying snakes has found that whirls of wind, the little vortices surrounding it, give them an extra lift.

How tropical forests speed their own recovery

A new study has revealed that tropical forests speed their own recovery by capturing nitrogen and carbon faster after being logged or cleared for agriculture.

Tropical forests more resilient to global warming than thought

Tropical forests are less likely to lose biomass - plants and plant material - in response to greenhouse gas emissions over the twenty-first century than may previously have been thought, a study has suggested.

Over 40 new species found in South American forest

More than 40 species of creatures that scientists believe to be new to science have been discovered in tropical forests of a tiny South American country.

Much of world`s tropical forests managed poorly

Large swaths of the world`s tropical forests have been officially shielded from deforestation, but an international conservation group says that may not be enough to save them.

Tropical forests hit by habitat fragmentation store less biomass, CO2

A recent research conducted on deforestation in tropical rain forests has indicated that it could have an even greater impact on climate change than has previously been thought.