Tumblr now allows users to post video links into blogs

Tumblr has launched its most requested feature with its 4.0 update where the app now allows users to post video links into a blog.

Taylor Swift makes breakup playlist for heartbroken fan on Tumblr
Taylor Swift makes breakup playlist for heartbroken fan on Tumblr

 Taylor Swift recently provided a 6-song breakup playlist to one of her heartbroken fans on Tumblr.

Facebook, partners unveil alliance on cybersecurity

Facebook, Yahoo and other technology firms announced the creation of a "ThreatExchange" to share information to help thwart cyberattacks.

Robin Williams' daughter returns to social-media post father's death
Robin Williams' daughter returns to social-media post father's death

Robin Williams' daughter, Zelda, has returned to social media after being bullied by people following her father's suicide in August.

App to add 3D background to your photos

It is time to jazz up your photo albums with 3D sunsets or other scenic backgrounds on photo-sharing platforms like Instagram, Flickr or Tumblr.

Tumblr asks users to change passwords to protect against worst-ever virus `Heartbleed`

Social network Tumblr has reportedly asked its users to change their passwords in wake of the emergence of a recent bug called "Heartbleed," that has been exposing world`s major websites to theft by hackers.

Tumblr adds two-step authentication for its users to enhance security

In view of growing cyber crime and the threat that it poses to the online community, microblogging and social media site Tumblr has reportedly added a two-step authentication method for its users in a bid to keep hackers at bay, thus enhancing their security.

Women dominating social media: Survey

In line with the occasion of International Women`s Day, it has been revealed by a new survey that women dominate social media.

Tumblr faces outage for several hours

Yahoo-owned blogging network, Tumblr, reportedly experienced extended outage due to what the company called `intermittent errors`.

Beyonce posts bathing suit pic on Tumblr

Beyonce has posted some revealing photos of hers on her Tumblr page.

Tumblr founder calls Twitter `gross`

Social networking website Tumblr`s founder David Karp has reportedly called microblogging site Twitter`s display of number of followers for every tweet as `gross`.

Yahoo eyeing online TV service Hulu

After purchasing Tumblr for a whopping 1.1 billion dollars, Yahoo has reportedly filed a bid for online TV service Hulu, which has revenue of 700 million dollars.

Tumblr users threaten exodus over Yahoo takeover news

Hours after Yahoo announced its acquisition of Tumblr for 1.1 billion dollars, the latter`s users have started posting threats about exiting from the site.

Yahoo to buy Tumblr in $1.1 bn deal: Report

The board of web pioneer Yahoo has reportedly approved a deal to buy popular blogging site Tumblr for $1.1 billion in cash.

Tumblr admits to site-wide system crash

Microblogging platform Tumblr has confirmed its entire service had been taken offline earlier this morning, but all network issues have been resolved.

`Uncool` Facebook losing its `teen appeal`

Facebook is losing its `younger users` to other products and services because the social networking giant is no more `cool`.

Pay few bucks and use Facebook to promote yourself

For all those frequenting Facebook, the social networking website can now turn into a forum for promoting themselves as by paying a few bucks, people can now use the media for highlighting something they want to.

`Texts from Hillary` blog sparks online buzz

A blog imagining sunglasses-sporting US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
engaged in amusing text exchanges with other politicos and celebrities has gone viral -- and boosted her cool quotient.