Tupac Shakur musical to open on Broadway

Rapper Tupac Shakur`s music will be used for a new stage musical.

Tupac Shakur`s biopic set to start filming in 2014

A new biopic on renowned rapper Tupac Shakur, ` Tupac`, is going to start filming in 2014, it has been revealed.

Musical based on late Tupac Shakur could be headed to Broadway

A Tupac Shakur-inspired rap musical ` Holler If Ya Hear Me,` is under production in a New York workshop and is aspiring to be a part of the Broadway 2013-14 season.

Dead rapper resurrected to perform at Coachella

Some found it eerie, some were elated but overall the resurrection of dead rapper Tupac Shakur at the Coachella festival in California was given thumbs up by everyone.

Tupac Shakur’s sex tape surfaces 15 years after his death

The five minutes footage sees the rapper engaged in a sex act with a female fan and is said to have been shot in 1991.

Justin Bieber pays tribute to Tupac Shakur

Teen pop sensation Justin Bieber has paid tribute to late American-singer Tupac Shakur on his 40th birthday by posting a video online.