Turkish troops to renain in Afghanistan

The Turkish parliament has authorized the government to continue posting Turkish troops in Afghanistan for two more years under a new NATO mission, media reported Wednesday.

Kurdish guerrillas steal 400 kg chemicals to make explosives: Turkey

The Turkish government on Tuesday said that insurgents belonging to Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) are likely to make explosives out of the chemicals they have stolen.

Turkey warns will hit back if IS attacks Syria exclave

Turkey warned on Saturday it would not hesitate to strike back at Islamic State jihadists if they attacked Turkish troops stationed at Ankara's exclave inside Syria.

Turkey top general gives support to exclave troops at `critical` time

 Turkey`s top general on Tuesday issued an unusual message of support for Turkish troops stationed at an exclave inside Syria at a "critical" period, saying the army would act if ever they needed help.

Bombs hit bus carrying Turkish troops, 1 killed

The explosions hit the bus near the base on the outskirts of the Aegean resort town of Foca.

Turkish troops cross into Iraq: Sources

Turkish troops crossed into northern Iraq, heading towards Kurdish rebel bases in Haftanin valley, as warplanes bombed the area, sources said.

Turkish troops cross into northern Iraq: Military

Turkey sent hundreds of elite troops
into northern Iraq on Wednesday to chase Kurdish guerrillas in an
operation that could increase tensions with the semiautonomous
Kurdish region.