Scotland`s pro-independence camp betting on TV debate to win votes

Supporters of Scottish independence are hoping leader Alex Salmond`s performance in a US-style television debate on Tuesday can boost their campaign, which is lagging in opinion polls.

TV debates ‘could take place year before election day` in UK

Televised election debates between party leaders in the UK could take place up to a year before the polling day.

Nigeria President cuts lonesome figure at TV debate

Goodluck Jonathan stood next to 3 empty podiums bearing the names of rivals.

Brazil`s candidate Rousseff under fire in TV debate

Opinion polls suggest Dilma Rousseff would still win the October 03 vote.

Brazil`s Rousseff takes heat in televised debate

Dilma Rousseff of the ruling Workers` Party holds a 23-point lead over Serra.

UK polls: Brown fails, Cameron wins in last TV debate

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown sought to overcome a major gaffe by trumpeting his economic record in a final TV election debate, but polls suggested he was soundly beaten by main rival David Cameron.

Brown to apologise to nation in TV debate tonight

The spectre of immigration
returned to haunt British Prime Minister Gordon Brown on Thursday as
he was confronted by yet another voter who demanded that the
Prime Minister explain what he was planning to do about it.

Tight UK election heads for stalemate: Polls

Britain`s Conservatives held their lead in the tightest election race in nearly 20 years after a close-fought second live TV debate, although the vote is likely to end in a stalemate, polls suggested on Saturday.

Lib Dems face tougher fight in 2nd UK vote debate

The leader of Britain`s third biggest political party faces a challenge on Thursday to cement his unexpected surge in support when he enters a televised election debate focussed on foreign policy.

British TV showdown throws up a surprise winner

Britain`s first ever US style
pre-election live television showdown has thrown a surprise
winner, Nick Clegg leader of the centrist Liberal Democrats
who many had written off, before the three contenders hit the

German rivals spar, but no killer punch in TV debate

German Chancellor Angela Merkel`s beleaguered challenger performed better than expected in a TV debate two weeks before elections but failed to land a knock-out punch, the press said on Monday.

British PM likely to join live TV debate before poll

For the first time, Britain is likely to have an American-style live television debate before the next general elections and Prime Minister Gordon Brown is also seriously considering taking part in the discussion.