Missing MH370 could be used by ISIS to launch 9/11-type attack on America

Speculations are rife that the missing Malaysian airlines jet MH370 could be employed as a weapon by the Islamic State, in order to launch a 9/11-type attack in America on the anniversary of the deadly 2001 incident.

S Asians pledge to ensure fundamental ideals of US

South Asians have pledged to work to ensure that US remains true to its fundamental ideals of fairness and inclusion.

WTC column returns to Twin Towers

The column that was attached is the first of the two 70-foot-high `tridents`.

NY bus ad showing mosque, burning Twin Towers OK`d

New York City`s transit agency
has approved a bus advertisement that depicts a plane flying
towards the World Trade Centre`s towers as they burn along with
a rendering of a proposed mosque near ground zero.

9/11 plotters planning attack against US: White House

The people who planned and
executed the 9/11 attack are still operating in Afghanistan and plotting attack against the US, the White House
aid on Tuesday, adding this is the reason why America continues to
be in the area.