Closest `standard candle` supernova of nearby galaxy observed in decades

Less than 12 million light-years away, the Supernova 2014J in the nearby galaxy M82, which exploded on January 14, 2014, was the closest "standard candle" supernova in 42 years.

`Post-mortem` gives insight into Kepler`s supernova

An analysis of X-ray observations from the Japan-led Suzaku satellite has concluded that an exploding star observed in 1604 by the German astronomer Johannes Kepler held a greater fraction of heavy elements than the sun.

M dwarf-white dwarf star pair could be parents of Type Ia supernovae

A new study has shed light on the identity of the “parents” of one of the most important types of supernovae -- the Type Ia, those used as “standard candles” in cosmology studies.

NASA satellite probes origin of exploding stars

Researchers have shed new light into the elusive origins of an important class of exploding star called Type Ia supernovae.

Origin of exploding star discovered

Scientists have unearthed the origin of an important type of exploding stars—Type Ia supernovae.