Taiwan evacuates over 6,000 as typhoon lingers

Taiwan has evacuated more than 6,000 villagers as Typhoon Parma lingered in seas near the island, bringing heavy rains and causing landslides, a rescue official said.

Dalai Lama wraps up sensitive Taiwan visit

The Tibetan spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama, ended his sensitive Taiwan visit on Friday, leaving Taipei to mend the damage to its relations with Beijing from his visit.

Taiwan wants no politics during Dalai Lama`s visit

Taiwanese officials said on Sunday they hope the Dalai Lama will stay clear of politics to avoid angering China during his visit to comfort victims of the island`s worst storm in 50 years.

Taiwan sends envoy to China over Dalai Lama visit: Report

Taiwan`s ruling Kuomintang (KMT) party has sent a special envoy to China to firm up ties ahead of the Dalai Lama`s controversial visit to the island, a report said on Saturday.

Taiwan President has no plans to meet Dalai Lama

Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou will not be meeting the Dalai Lama when the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader visits next week, the President`s office said on Saturday, a move aimed at avoiding renewed tensions with China.

Taiwan taking pains to make Dalai Lama`s visit non-political

Taiwan`s government is trying to keep the Dalai Lama`s activities non-political during his visit next week to avoid angering China with which it has recently enjoyed warming ties.

Taiwan, challenging China, to let Dalai Lama visit

Taiwan on Thursday said it has agreed to let the Dalai Lama visit the island to comfort survivors of a devastating typhoon, a decision that could anger China.

Taiwan confirms 292 deaths from typhoon Morakot

Taiwan`s government on Monday
confirmed that 292 people were killed and 385 missing after
Typhoon Morakot struck the island and caused its worst
flooding in half a century.

Typhoon Morakot claimed 650 lives: Taiwan

The death toll from Typhoon Morakot was raised to at least 650 on Sunday after the worst weather disaster to hit Taiwan in half a century.

Taiwan`s envoy to Japan on vacation during typhoon: Reports

Taiwan`s top envoy to Japan went for a vacation as the island country was reeling under the worst typhoon in half a century that left more than 500 people dead, local media reported on Saturday.

Taiwan begins 3-day mourning period after typhoon

Taiwan began a three-day mourning period to remember the victims of Typhoon Morakot on Saturday, two weeks after the island`s worst weather disaster in 50 years devastated its mountainous south.

Over 600 dead or missing in Taiwan

More than 600 people were listed dead or missing in Taiwan on Friday after one of the island`s worst typhoons as the military began digging up bodies buried deep under rocks and mud.

Taiwan must airlift many typhoon victims: Govt

Soldiers searched typhoon-devastated areas for survivors and bodies on Monday as more than 1,600 people waited to be airlifted to safety nine days after Typhoon Morakot struck Taiwan.

US sends Taiwan aircraft for typhoon rescue

The United States flew aircraft to Taiwan on Sunday as China offered to send helicopters to help rescue more than 1,300 people still stranded a week after Typhoon Morakot struck the island.

Bowing to typhoon anger, Taiwan Prez says sorry

Taiwan`s President Ma Ying-jeou bowed to public anger on Saturday, apologising for his government`s slow response to Typhoon Morakot, which devastated central and southern parts of the island.

Families mourn hundreds of Taiwan`s storm victims

Families and friends paid homage on Saturday to victims buried alive under mud and rock after the worst storm in more than 50 years pounded southern Taiwan unleashing flash flooding and massive landslides.

Taiwan deploys extra troops as anger over rescue grows

Taiwan on Thursday deployed thousands of extra troops as it faced growing public anger and pressure to rescue people trapped by deadly landslides triggered by Typhoon Morakot.

Thirty-eight dead in Taiwan flooding: Officials

At least 38 people were killed and another 62 missing in Taiwan`s worst flooding in half a century after Typhoon Morakot battered the island, rescuers and officials said on Tuesday.

Two dead as China landslide topples seven houses

A massive landslide triggered
by torrential rain from Typhoon Morakot toppled seven houses
in a town in eastern China, killing two people and injuring
four, firefighters and residents said on Tuesday.

Typhoon Morakot: 400 unaccounted for in Taiwan

A Taiwanese police official says an estimated 400 people remain unaccounted for in a mountainous village that was struck by a mudslide spawned by Typhoon Morakot.