UK Parliament debates Kashmir, says region important for world peace

A resolution to the Kashmir dispute is crucial for world peace, a group of cross-party lawmakers stressed on Thursday during a debate in the UK Parliament complex.

Israel releases UK Parliament`s doctored picture to justify attack

Justifying its assault on Gaza, the Israeli military tweeted a doctored picture of Britain`s Parliament under assault from a barrage of rockets, asking, "what if they were attacking your home?"

Creaking UK parliament may shut for 5 years

The House of Commons and the House of Lords would be evacuated for the first time since the second world war.

Suu Kyi addresses UK Parliament, recalls Nehru

Aung San Suu Kyi on Thursday told British lawmakers that she looked forward to a time when her country`s parliament would cherish freedom of speech as robustly as Westminster.

Suu Kyi to address UK Parliament in June

The announcement about Aung San Suu Kyi`s week-long visit starting from June 18 was made by British PM David Cameron`s aides in the US.

Afghanistan war critic wins UK Parliament seat

George Galloway, a leftist political maverick, won the Bradford West seat in northern England.

‘Big Ben is tilting, UK House sinking’

The landmark clock tower containing Big Ben at Britain`s Palace of Westminster, is tilting, while media reports on Monday said the mother of all Parliaments was slipping into the River Thames.

James Murdoch`s make or break day in Parliament

James Murdoch will appear before a special committee of UK Parliament for second round of questioning about hacking.

James Murdoch recalled to UK Parl over hacking

James Murdoch is to return before the British parliament for further questioning in November.

UK Parliament discusses human rights in J&K

A demand for resolving
the Jammu and Kashmir issue through self-determination by the
Kashmiris was made in the British Parliament on Thursday.

UK parl to discuss J&K human rights; India miffed

Miffed over British parliament`s
moves to discuss alleged human rights violations in Jammu and
Kashmir, India on Thursday said it has taken "due note of the issue".

UK Parl to debate alleged rights violations in J&K

According to sources, India has conveyed to Britain
that the debate "will not be helpful".

`First turbaned` Sikh in UK Parliament

Dr Indarjit Singh is the director of a
charity linking several Sikh organisations in the UK.

Gordon Brown’s wife subjected to ‘body search’

There was a heavier than normal police presence outside, people working in the Parliament said.

UK Parliament announces probe into Murdoch attack

Jonathan May-Bowles - an
activist and comedian was charged with a public order offence.

Police checking suspicious car near UK Parliament

Police have evacuated a street
near Britain`s parliament in London after reports that a
suspicious vehicle was parked there.

UK Parliament opens with ritual and change

Britain`s House of Commons opened a new legislative session on Tuesday.

Celebrations as first person of B’deshi-origin enters UK Parliament

Hundreds took to the streets on Saturday and ate sweets in the northeastern Bangladesh city of Sylhet to celebrate election of the first person of B’deshi origin to UK Parl.

Indian among environment campaigners who climbed UK Parl roof

At least 55 environmental
campaigners, including an Indian, climbed on to the roof of
the British Parliament, demanding action from the UK and other
developed countries to save climate.