UK visa rules

UK new visa crackdown likely to hurt Indian IT professionals hard

UK new visa crackdown likely to hurt Indian IT professionals hard

In a crackdown to curb its soaring immigration figures, the UK government has announced changes to its visa policy for non-EU nationals, which will affect a large number of Indians especially IT professionals.

Nov 04, 2016, 12:03 PM IST
Good News! UK visa changes not to impact majority of Indian professionals

Good News! UK visa changes not to impact majority of Indian professionals

Under the changes to the Tier 2 norms effective from Wednesaday, non-EU workers will need to earn at least 35,000 pounds to remain in the UK for longer than six years unless they are working in a PhD-level occupation or a job which is on the UK's Shortage Occupation List, including nurses.

Apr 06, 2016, 18:20 PM IST

Lord Bilimoria for easing of UK visa rules for Indian students

Expressing concern over the decline in the number of Indian students coming to study in UK universities, leading NRI entrepreneur Lord Karan Bilimoria has asked the British government to remove students from the immigration figures and reintroduce the post-study work visa.

Feb 12, 2014, 21:45 PM IST

"Unfair and discriminatory" visa bond angers UK Indians

The UK Home Office has announced the pilot scheme for the six high-risk Afro-Asian countries to run for 12 months from November.

Jun 25, 2013, 19:05 PM IST

UK's new visa bond scheme comes under attack

Senior politicians across party lines and Indian industry Monday called "unfair and discriminatory" the UK government's plans to introduce a controversial new visa bond scheme that would force visitors from countries posing "high risk" to pay 3,000 pounds for a six-month visa.

Jun 24, 2013, 23:55 PM IST

New UK visa rules ‘highly discriminatory’: CII

According to a 'Sunday Times' report, tourists aged 18 and over would be forced to hand over 3,000 pounds (Rs 2.7 lakh) for a six-month visit visa, which they will forfeit if they overstay in Britain.

Jun 24, 2013, 22:18 PM IST

David Cameron talks tough on immigration

In a bid to cut down on immigration, British Prime Minister David Cameron Monday announced a string of tough measures to over-turn the country's "soft touch" image, saying new immigrants should not expect benefits like a "home on arrival".

Mar 25, 2013, 22:05 PM IST

UK visa: Visitors may have to deposit bail-like security bonds

Britain's coalition government Friday announced a major crackdown on immigration, including introducing an Australian-style "security bonds" system.

Mar 22, 2013, 12:49 PM IST

Britain calls for relaxation of UK visa rules

British business secretary has urged the nation's Home Office to relax visa rules for international visitors, including those from India and China, to help promote inward investment.

Mar 05, 2013, 17:58 PM IST

Britain’s SC strikes down key UK migrant rule for foreign workers

Britain's Supreme Court has struck down a key provision in immigration rules for foreign workers on the ground that it had not been scrutinised by parliament.

Jul 18, 2012, 20:56 PM IST

India seeks clarity over proposed changes in UK visa rules

Concerned over impact of the proposed changes in the British immigration rules on Indian professionals, the Commerce Minsitry has sought several queries from the UK government through diplomatic channels.

Sep 27, 2011, 21:23 PM IST

New UK visa plan to attract exceptionally talented Indians

Britain has announced a new visa category to facilitate the immigration for exceptionally talented people from India and other non-EU countries in the fields of Science, Humanities, Engineering and the Arts.

Jul 21, 2011, 15:45 PM IST