Secret to long life is avoiding men: 109-year-old woman

One of the oldest woman in the UK believes that the secret to long life is eating lots and lots of porridge and most importantly staying away from men.

UK woman jailed for 8 years for abortion

Sarah Louise Catt took a drug when she was full term, 39 weeks pregnant, to cause an early delivery.

UK woman on holiday, attacked by cheetahs

A holiday in South Africa turned into a nightmare for a 60-year-old Scottish tourist after two Cheetahs attacked her while visiting a big cat enclosure.

UK woman who put cat in rubbish bin fined

A British woman who sparked international outrage after CCTV film of her picking up a cat and dumping it in a rubbish bin was posted on the internet was fined 265 pounds ($420) for animal cruelty on Tuesday.

‘Wedding addict’ UK woman to tie the knot eighth time!

A British woman could hold the claim of a serial bride after making reported arrangements to tie the knot for the eighth time.

UK woman alleges humiliation in Gujarat court

A 23-year-old British woman, who
was allegedly molested by a plumber last month, has written a
letter to Gujarat High Court Chief Justice complaining of
"humiliation" during hearing of the case at a metropolitan
court here.