Canada announces further sanctions against Russia

Canada has imposed further economic sanctions and travel bans against Russia in support of Ukraine, Canadia's Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Tuesday.

Macedonia, Serbia not to join EU's sanction against Russia

Macedonia and Serbia, both candidate countries of the European Union (EU), reiterated Monday that they would not implement the EU's sanctions against Russia over the Ukraine crisis.

EU hits Russia with new sanctions over Ukraine

Tough new EU sanctions came into effect against Russia over the Ukraine crisis Friday, with Moscow angrily accusing its foes of trying to wreck the push for peace in the former Soviet state.

Rebels accuse Ukraine forces of breaking ceasefire
Rebels accuse Ukraine forces of breaking ceasefire

Pro-Russian rebels in Ukraine on Saturday accused Kiev`s forces of breaking a ceasefire just hours after it was agreed and vowed to pursue their independence drive in the east.

US senators urge aiding Ukraine with arms to fight “Russian invasion”
US senators urge aiding Ukraine with arms to fight “Russian invasion”

The American senators have urged the US to supply Ukraine with arms so that it can fight a “Russian invasion.”

NATO holds emergency meeting over Ukraine crisis
NATO holds emergency meeting over Ukraine crisis

Ambassadors of the 28 NATO members Friday met in an emergency meeting in Brussels to discuss the crisis in eastern Ukraine, as the West stepped up its accusations of direct Russian involvement in the conflict.

Ukraine maternity ward nurtures new life as the shells fall

In a Ukrainian city stalked by death, Tatyana Makarchuk, the director of Donetsk Maternity Hospital No. 3, is making sure that new life can survive.

Ukraine crisis: Petro Posroshenko to meet Vladimir Putin in Minsk

The Ukrainian leader Petro Poroshenko will be meeting his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin on August 26 in Minsk and are expected to discuss the ongoing crisis in eastern Ukraine.

Merkel calls Russia sanctions over Ukraine `necessary`

erman Chancellor Angela Merkel on Monday said the European Union`s sanctions against Russia were "unfortunately necessary" to convey that the West was serious in its stance on the Ukraine crisis.

Russia says agreement reached on aid to Ukraine but not on ceasefire

Russia on Monday said all objections to it sending a humanitarian convoy to Ukraine had been resolved but said no progress had been made in Berlin talks toward a ceasefire between government and rebel forces in the east of the country.

Ukraine crisis: Crucial talks “difficult” but made “progress”, says Germany

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said that the crucial talks in Berlin over the ongoing crisis in eastern Ukarine were “difficult” but made “progress”, as per news reports on Monday.

Ukraine talks `difficult` but `some progress`: Steinmeier

Ukraine crisis talks in Berlin were "difficult" but made "some progress", German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has said after meeting with his Ukrainian, Russian and French counterparts.

Women bearing aid desperate to enter Ukraine as thousands flee

Heads resting on their bags as they wait in stifling heat in their van, 11 women sit stranded at the Ukrainian border as a dispute over a mammoth Russian aid convoy blocks their mission to reach relatives stuck inside besieged Lugansk.

Skirmishes in Ukraine but no sign of conflict widening

Ukrainian forces and pro-Russian separatists fought skirmishes near the Russian border on Saturday but there was no sign of the conflict widening after Kiev said it partially destroyed an armoured column that had crossed the border from Russia.

US seeks clarification from Russian on its humanitarian convoy

The United States has sought clarification from Russia on its "humanitarian convoy" in Ukraine and stated that the escalation in Russian activity designed to destabilise the war-torn nation is dangerous and provocative.

Tensions soar as Ukraine says destroys Russian armour

NATO accused Russia of active involvement in the "destabilisation" of eastern Ukraine, where pro-Kremlin separatists have been fighting against Kiev for four months.

Putin sounds conciliatory note on visit to annexed Ukraine region

President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday Russia would stand up for itself but not at the cost of confrontation with the outside world, a conciliatory note after months of tough rhetoric over the crisis in Ukraine.

On Russia`s border with Ukraine, fighters and military gear move freely

In Russia`s southwestern Rostov region bordering Ukraine, a military-style training camp, a broken down border fence and tracks consistent with armoured personnel carriers or tanks add to a body of evidence of Russian involvement in Ukraine`s war.

Intense fighting erupts in Ukraine`s rebel-held Donetsk: Authorities

Powerful explosions and shooting on Tuesday rocked a western suburb of the besieged main rebel bastion of Donetsk in war-torn east Ukraine, the city council said. 

Swiss expand blacklist over Ukraine crisis

Switzerland said Tuesday it had added 26 more Russian officials and pro-Moscow separatists as well as 18 entities to a blacklist of those considered the main movers in the Ukraine crisis.