Cockpit UV radiation similar to tanning beds
Cockpit UV radiation similar to tanning beds

Pilots can be exposed to the same amount of long-wave ultraviolet (UV-A) radiation as that from a tanning bed session, says a recent research.

Skin renders Sun's UV radiation harmless using projectiles

Researchers have worked out how the pigment of our skin manages to protect the body from the Sun's dangerous UV rays, a finding that can pave the way for better protection against skin cancer.

Your sunscreen is threat to marine life

Sunscreens give protection to the human skin from ultraviolet (UV) radiation and are almost a necessity among the beach goers - but at the cost to the environment.

F-type stars `could be good places to look for habitable planets`

Researchers have said that scientists looking for habitable planets beyond Earth shouldn`t overlook F-type stars in favour of their more abundant, smaller and cooler cousins.

Scientists still waiting for clear signs of ozone hole healing

Earth`s upper atmosphere is still so saturated with ozone-eating chlorine that it will take about another decade for evidence that a nearly 25-year-old ban on such destructive chemicals is working, scientists said.

Milk thistle protects against skin cancer

Silibinin, an extract from the milk thistle, protects against skin cancer and aging caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation, especially for those who are fond of tanning, says a new study.

`Montreal Protocol most successful on ozone layer protection`

The government today termed the Montreal Protocol as the "most successful" treaty on ozone layer protection which could serve as a model for cooperation on issues related to climate change.

Scientists uncover gene variation linked to melanoma

A gene mutation found exclusively in deadly skin cancers caused by exposure to ultraviolet radiation has been identified by scientists.

Marine life under threat from UV radiation

Ultraviolet (UV) radiation, the latest threat to seas and oceans besides global warming and atmospheric carbon.

Climate change will lead to less ultraviolet radiation over northern high latitudes

A new study by University of Toronto physicists has shown that climate change will lead to less ultraviolet radiation over northern high latitudes.

New state of matter created: Study

Scientists in Britain claimed to
have created a new state of matter after they developed a form
of aluminum that`s nearly transparent to extreme ultraviolet