Forced conversions un-Islamic: Pakistani Senate panel

Senator Gian Chand informed the committee that Hindu girls in Sindh province -- home to the majority of the 3 million Hindus living in Pakistan -- were the victims of force conversions.

Muslim clerics condemn burning to death of Jordanian pilot as un-Islamic

Muslim clerics have condemned the burning to death of a Jordanian pilot by Islamic State (IS) militants, calling it un-Islamic.

Shocking: ISIS militants punish musicians with 90 lashes for playing 'un-Islamic' keyboard

Shocking: ISIS militants punish musicians with 90 lashes for playing 'un-Islamic' keyboard

A video has surfaced on YouTube, featuring ISIS religious police flogging musicians for playing 'un-Islamic' keyboard, reports stated on Tuesday.

Attacks on minorities un-Islamic, say Pakistan scholars

Religious scholars in Pakistan have declared that attacks on minorities were un-Islamic, and said Islam does not permit senseless attacks on places of worship of non-Muslims.

Muslim Brotherhood says UN text on women`s rights un-Islamic

Egypt`s ruling Muslim Brotherhood has slammed a proposed UN document on women`s rights, saying it was un-Islamic and would subvert the entire society.

`Suicide bombing, killing of innocent people are un-Islamic`

Prominent Pak clerics has issued a fatwa (edict) that states the killing of innocent people, targeted killings and suicide bombings are un-Islamic.

Taliban leader Mullah Nazeer bans phones with camera

The pro-government faction of the Pakistani Taliban led by Commander Mullah Nazeer has banned mobile phones with built-in digital cameras.

Lady Gaga concert in Indonesia termed `un-Islamic`

A member of Indonesia`s highest Islamic authority has said Muslims should stay away from an upcoming concert by American pop star Lady Gaga, who he said aimed to undermine the values of the world`s largest Muslim country.

Darul Uloom fatwa says donating blood un-Islamic

In a potentially controversial decree, Islamic seminary Darul Uloom Deoband has said that donation of blood and body parts was against the tenets of Islam.

Make kids skip ‘un-Islamic’ music lessons: Pak clerics to UK parents

By law, parents can only remove children from sex and religious education.

Insurance policy un-Islamic: Darul Uloom

After its fatwa that working in
banks is un-Islamic, the Darul Uloom Deoband has now declared
that opting for an insurance policy too went against the
tenets of Islam.