New faultlines widen at UN climate talks

Fraught UN climate talks revealed growing frustration this week among vulnerable nations and observers with the political stance of emerging economies like China and India in the battle to stave off dangerous Earth warming.

Developing nations lose out in climate change talks: CSE

Developing countries have lost out on all the key areas of UN climate change negotiations at Warsaw as the developed nations managed to shift the burden of reducing emissions on to the emerging economies like India and China.

Climate talks in trouble as green groups walk out

Exasperated green groups walked out of faltering UN climate talks in Warsaw on Thursday.

Britain to join US in ending coal power support abroad

Britain said Wednesday it would join the United States in a charge to curb financial aid for building coal-fired power plants abroad.

Environment ministers face off on climate finance in Warsaw

Rich and poor countries squared off at climate talks in Warsaw on Wednesday as UN chief Ban Ki-moon called for "much bolder" action to stave off an existential peril.

Poland to host next UN climate talks

Poland has been officially named the host of the next round of UN climate talks in 2013.

Troubled UN climate talks extend for one day

India and other developing countries have insisted that for any successful closure of the LCA track.

Asia Pacific nations want Indian to head UN climate talks

India`s candidate for the top job has been supported by the Asia Pacific countries, including the developed economies like Japan and South Korea.

At UN climate meet, India asks for right to grow

Environment Minister Jayanthi Natarajan Saturday made an emotional appeal to the rich countries, asking for space for basic development for its 1.2 billion people and eradication of poverty.

Durban climate talks spill over a day

The UN climate talks in Durban will continue on Saturday - though Friday was the last day of the two-week long conference.

"Big Three" polluters oppose binding climate deal

The world`s three biggest polluters China, the United States and India refused to move toward a new legal commitment to curb their carbon emissions Tuesday.

Rich, poor nations feud at UN climate talks

Delegates said a compromise could still be reached by the end of the talks on Friday evening.

`Fate of Kyoto Protocol should be resolved`

Nations participating in next UN climate conference should resolve the future of Kyoto Protocol.

Negotiators meet at pre-Cancun UN climate talks in China

About 3,000 delegates from India and host of other countries are attending the meeting in China.

Procedure battles dominate future of UN climate talks

Efforts to revive UN climate talks
after last December`s Copenhagen Summit wrangled Saturday over
how to whip the arduous negotiation process towards a
post-2012 global treaty.

Money key stumbling block at UN climate talks

Developing countries will need billions to curb carbon pollution and cope with its consequences, and where that money will come from has emerged as a major stumbling block as another round of UN climate talks winds down in Bonn.