Iran fails to address nuclear bomb concerns: IAEA

Iran has failed to address concerns about suspected atomic bomb research by an agreed deadline, the UN nuclear watchdog said on Friday, a setback to hopes for an end to an international stand-off over Tehran`s atomic activity.

Iran refuses UN nuclear watchdog access to Parchin base

Iran will not give UN nuclear inspectors access to a military base outside Tehran that they have been seeking to visit since 2005, Defence Minister Hossein Dehgan said on Saturday.

Iran begins answering nuclear allegations: IAEA

Iran has begun to answer long-held allegations of efforts to develop nuclear weapons ahead of an August 25 deadline, the UN atomic watchdog`s chief said on Monday.

IAEA chief says visit to Iran ``useful``

The head of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said on Sunday that his brief visit to Iran and talks with top Iranian officials were "useful", as he offered new proposals to boost cooperation between the UN nuclear watchdog and the Islamic republic.

Iran and IAEA end nuclear talks, no early sign of breakthrough

The U.N. nuclear watchdog sought in talks with Iran on Tuesday to advance a long-stalled investigation into Tehran`s atomic activities, but it was not immediately clear whether any headway was made.

IAEA seen trying again next week to advance Iran nuclear inquiry

The UN nuclear watchdog is expected to make a new attempt early next week to advance a long-stymied investigation into suspicions that Tehran may have carried out atomic bomb research, diplomatic sources said on Friday.

Mohamed ElBaradei named caretaker Egyptian PM

Leading liberal opposition leader Mohamed ElBaradei has been named as Egypt`s new prime minister to head a caretaker government, his allies and the anti-Morsi Tamarod movement said on Saturday.

IAEA-Iran talks on N-issue delayed

The next round of talks over probing Iran`s disputed nuclear programme between authorities in Tehran and the UN nuclear watchdog will be held Feb 13, a day later than earlier scheduled, Xinhua reported.

IAEA demands access to Iranian military site

The head of the UN nuclear watchdog urged Iran Monday to grant IAEA inspectors immediate access to the Parchin facility, the agency reported on its website.

Iran says making nuclear bombs a "great sin"

Iran,facing growing international pressure over its nuclear program, called for more talks with the UN nuclear watchdog.

Top UN nuclear watchdog inspector resigns

Olli Heinonen is head of the Vienna-based IAEA`s safeguards department.

Give non-proliferation pact teeth: Israel official

An Israeli official says the UN atomic watchdog should focus more on giving teeth to the nuclear non-proliferation treaty than on trying to get Israel to join.