UN prepares new South Sudan camps for terrified civilians

Tens of thousands of South Sudanese civilians sheltering in UN peacekeeper bases fearing revenge attacks after weeks of conflict are to be moved to new camps, UN officials said Monday.

UN Council to hold emergency DR Congo talks as troops `push back rebels`

The UN Security Council will hold emergency talks today on a new surge in fighting in eastern DR Congo in which a UN peacekeeper was killed, diplomats said as government troops cleared rebels from strategic positions in the country`s restive east.

UN peacekeeper killed in eastern Congo fighting

A UN peacekeeper was killed in fighting in eastern Congo in which UN helicopters fired on rebels just outside a city of nearly 1 million people, ratcheting up the UN`s role in Congo`s current conflict, officials said.

Pakistani UN peacekeeper killed in Congo

A Pakistani UN peacekeeper was killed while performing his duties in the strife-torn Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Pakistani foreign ministry said on Thursday.

Peacekeeper shot dead in Darfur attack: UN

A UN peacekeeper was shot dead and two others were injured by unidentified gunmen in Sudan`s state of East Darfur, the United Nations said.