South Sudan Army and rebels block UN peacekeepers

Warring forces in South Sudan are continuing to block United Nations peacekeepers as the civil war that has devastated the young nation continues to rage, the UN said Thursday.

Three UN peacekeepers wounded in north Mali attack

A spokesman for the UN peacekeeping mission in Mali says three peacekeepers have been wounded while pursuing suspects in an attack near a military camp in the country`s north.

UN peacekeepers in DR Congo on alert after clashes

UN peacekeepers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) are on alert amid ongoing clashes between government forces and unidentified armed men, a UN spokesperson said here Monday.

Ban Ki-moon says Sudan must act on Darfur killings

UN leader Ban Ki-moon has called on the Sudanese government to act against the growing number of killings of UN peacekeepers in the strife-torn Darfur region.

UN peacekeepers crack down on protest in Liberia

Civilian employees of the United Nations Mission in Liberia have clashed with the United Nations armed peacekeepers in a protest over what they claim are unfavourable work conditions.

UN peacekeeper killed in Central African Republic

A UN peacekeeper from the Republic of Congo was killed over the weekend in Central African Republic by a Christian militia, underscoring the growing peril that international forces are facing in the troubled nation.

Mali elections overshadowed by suicide bombing

Malians voted on Sunday in the second round of parliamentary elections intended to cap the nation`s return to democracy, but overshadowed by the deaths of two UN peacekeepers in an Islamist attack.

UN Council strongly condemns Mali peacekeeper killings

The UN Security Council quickly condemned a suicide bomb attack in Mali that killed two Senegalese UN peacekeepers.

Haitians take to streets in anti-government protests

Thousands of young Haitians have demonstrated in several cities demanding that President Michel Martelly step down.

160 UN peacekeepers desert Mali posts: Military

A group of 160 Chadian troops from the United Nations peacekeeping force in Mali have deserted their posts in a dispute over pay and conditions, a military source and the soldiers themselves told a news agency.

UN chief Ban `outraged` at Darfur peacekeeper deaths

UN leader Ban Ki-moon is "outraged" at the killing of seven Tanzanian peacekeepers in an ambush in Darfur and called on the Sudanese government to take action, his spokesman has said.

UN peacekeepers take over ahead of Mali polls

United Nations peacekeepers took over security duties from African troops in Mali today with a mission to ensure stability in the conflict-scarred nation just four weeks ahead of planned elections.

Austrian UN troops to begin Golan pullout soon

An official says Austria will begin withdrawing its 377 UN Peacekeepers from the Golan Heights on Wednesday.

Five slain Indian peacekeepers to be honoured by UN

Five Indians are among over 100 fallen peacekeepers who will be honoured by the UN for their "bravery" during operations last year across the world.

UN says 4 peacekeepers held by Syria rebels freed

The peacekeeper, who gave his name as Sgt. Ratton, told the Associated Press today that his comrades were freed at 08:30 local time. He said that all four are in good health.

Four UN peacekeepers abducted on Golan Heights

Four UN peacekeepers, all from the Philippines, were abducted on the Golan Heights Tuesday by an armed group believed to be the same one to have abducted 21 Filipino peacekeepers two months ago, the United Nations said.

Slain Indian peacekeepers in South Sudan were outnumbered

Five Indian Army personnel were killed on Tuesday in a tragic ambush of UN peacekeepers in South Sudan.

UN chief hails peacekeepers` release

The peacekeepers are part of the UN Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF), which monitors the 1974 disengagement accord between Syria and Israel after their 1973 war.

Syrian hostage crisis: All 21 UN peacekeepers freed, arrive safe in Amman

Syrian rebels on the Golan Heights on Saturday released the 21 Filipino peacekeepers they had held hostage for past three days.

India, US discuss training of UN peacekeepers

India and the United States have begun exploring an agreement in the area of training of United Nations peacekeepers.