Children miss school, fear abuse after Nepal quake: Aid groups


London: Inadequate shelter, school closures and a lack of safe water and sanitation are the three biggest concerns of Nepali children affected by two huge earthquakes, said a major survey published on Saturday, the three month anniversary of the first quake.

Israeli leader criticizes upcoming UN report on Gaza war

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday criticized an upcoming United Nations report into last year's war in the Gaza Strip, calling it a waste of time.

Israel responsible for Gaza shelter attacks: UN report

A United Nations inquiry on Monday blamed the Israeli military for seven attacks on UN schools in Gaza that were used as shelters during the 2014 war.

India 5th biggest generator of e-waste in 2014: UN report

India is the fifth biggest producer of e-waste in the world, discarding 1.7 million tonnes (Mt) of electronic and electrical equipment in 2014, a UN report has said warning that the volume of global e-waste is likely to rise sharply by 21 per cent in next three years.

Campaign has reduced mother and child deaths, says UN report

A UN initiative to improve the health of women and children that attracted USD 60 billion over the past five years has led to a decrease in maternal and child death rates in all 49 targeted countries, according to a report.

UN report finds torture still widespread in Afghan jails

 Afghan authorities tortured or mistreated more than a third of nearly 800 suspected Taliban-linked detainees who human rights investigators were able to interview, the United Nations said on Wednesday.

Mumbai, Kolkata most vulnerable to climate change: Govt
Mumbai, Kolkata most vulnerable to climate change: Govt

 India's populous coastal cities Mumbai and Kolkata are most vulnerable to loss of life and properties due to coastal flooding in the second half of the century, the government has said quoting a UN report ahead of a key global climate conference in Peruvian capital Lima.

Indian films high on sexualisation, stereotyping of women: UN report
Indian films high on sexualisation, stereotyping of women: UN report

 India tops the chart in showing attractive women in its movies and as much as 35 percent of these female characters are shown with some nudity, finds a first-ever UN sponsored global study of female characters in popular films across the world.

UN report on e-cigarettes is flawed, say critics

Health experts fearing a clampdown on e-cigarettes said today a UN report on the device had exaggerated their health risk and underplayed their role as a safe alternative to tobacco.

India`s child sex ratio drops: UN report

India needs to take urgent action following a sharp fall in its child sex ratio, a United Nations report said Tuesday.

India tops the list of global poor: UN report

India tops the list of countries with the largest share of global extreme poor though the poverty rate in southeast Asia as whole saw a substantial fall from 1990 to 2010, a new United Nations report said.

Major powers supply weapons in Syria: UN report

A UN inquiry commission report has revealed influential states are supplying Syrian government and opposition forces the weapons to carry out war crimes and violate human rights, reportedly.

Gross rights abuses committed by both sides in South Sudan: Report

Gross human rights abuses, including rapes, mass killings and torture, have been committed by both sides in the brutal conflict that erupted in South Sudan towards end of last year, according to a new UN report which said civilians were directly targeted in the violence.

Maternal health: Despite progress, India has highest number of deaths

Healthcare system in India seems to be improving in the last ten years as far as maternal deaths are concerned. According to a report released by the United Nations (UN), the country has witnessed a decline in maternity mortality rates between 1990 and 2013.

UN names 21 countries where rape in conflict

A new UN report names 21 countries where rape and other sexual violence has been committed in current and recent conflicts - from Afghanistan and Central African Republic to Myanmar and Syria.

New UN report shows global warming`s growing impact on climate change

A new report from the UN has warned that the impacts of global warming are likely to be "severe, pervasive and irreversible".

Climate change set to displace hundreds of millions of people by end of century

A new UN report suggests that climate change will displace hundreds of millions of people by the end of this century, increasing the risk of violent conflict and wiping trillions of dollars off the global economy.

North Korea, China slams UN report on human rights violation

North Korea has rejected a UN Human rights report that made shocking revelations of crimes committed against humanity in the country.

Prescription drug abuse growing in India: UN report

Prescription drug abuse is growing in India and the problem is serious in South Asia, according to a UN report.

UN report sees USD 1.45 tn global warming cost: Media

Global warming will reduce the world`s crop production by up to two percent every decade and wreak USD 1.45 trillion of economic damage by the end of this century, according to a draft UN report, Japanese media said today.