US unemployment rate falls below 6%

 The US jobs machine shifted into higher gear in September, pushing the unemployment rate down to the lowest level in six years.

Growing unemployment amongst Indian youth!

While unemployment rate among illiterate youth is lowest with 3.7 per cent for the age group 15-29 years at all India level in 2012-2013, the unemployment rate in the same category was reported at 1.2 per cent in 2011-2012 report.

Overall unemployment rate in cities, town comes down: Study

Unemployment rate among men rose sharply in Agra, Ludhiana and Meerut during the five year period ending 2009-10.

US unemployment rate remains unchanged at 7.6%

US unemployment rate in June has remained unchanged at 7.6 per cent as more than 195,000 jobs were added to the economy this month, latest official figures said on Friday.

Spain`s `indignant` protesters converge on Madrid

Spain`s unemployment rate has soared to just over 21 percent, the highest level in Europe.

OECD jobless rate at 8.6% in Sept

The unemployment rate in the
Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)
countries remained at 8.6 percent for the second straight
month in September.

US job losses fall in July; unemployment rate slips to 9.4%

The number of jobs lost in the US
came down sharply by 247,000 as the unemployment rate declined
to 9.4 percent in July, one of the strongest indications yet
that recession in the world`s largest economy is easing.