CIA revelations put UK spies under scrutiny

British spy agencies are under growing pressure to reveal how closely they worked with their US counterparts following 9/11 after a damning US Senate report exposed how the CIA tortured terror suspects.

British PM David Cameron hails same-sex marriages in country

British Prime Minister David Cameron Saturday welcomed the introduction of same-sex marriages in Britain, as same-sex couples were allowed to be legally married in the country from this weekend.

British PM pledges to raise state pension if voted to power

British Prime Minister David Cameron pledged Sunday rise in the basic state pension if the Conservative Party win the 2015 general election, Xinhua reported.

UK clarifies `Overseas Citizen of India` status

Responding to concerns of British citizens holding the status of `Overseas Citizen of India` (OCI), the UK Foreign Office has clarified that when such citizens are in India, they will continue to be treated as British citizens.

Blair makes UK comeback to help Labour face poll

Tony Blair entered Britain`s close-fought election campaign on Tuesday, seeking to work his charm on voters tempted to desert the ruling Labour Party after 13 years.