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Donald Trump urged to appoint special coordinator for Tibet

In the letter dated June 21, which was released to the press yesterday, the lawmakers noted the preservation of Tibet's unique religious, cultural and linguistic traditions.

Muslim immigrants invited by Democrats to Donald Trump's address

Immigrants from countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh were present during the address.

5 Pakistani terror groups banned by US

5 Pakistani terror groups banned by US

The US has designated few Pakistan-based groups as Foreign Terrorist Organisations, out of which some are also active in India, Bangladesh and other neighbouring countries.

Gulf states condemn law letting 9/11 families sue Saudi Arabia

Gulf states condemn law letting 9/11 families sue Saudi Arabia

Fifteen of the 19 hijackers who crashed airliners in New York, outside Washington and in Pennsylvania on September 11, 2001, were Saudi nationals.

Pakistan was nearly placed on US list of state sponsors of terror: Ex-CIA official

Pakistan has clung stubbornly to its own perceptions of national interest, Robert L Grenier, a former CIA official, said.

Instability in Pakistan could impact safety of nuclear weapons: CRS

Instability in Pakistan could impact safety of nuclear weapons: CRS

The CRS said that the China selling nuclear reactors to Pakistan for Chasa-3 and Chasma-4 are in violation of the current Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) guidelines.

Did Chinese media blackout Narendra Modi's exhilarating speech in US Congress?

Did Chinese media blackout Narendra Modi's exhilarating speech in US Congress?

The closeness between India and the US gives jitters to China and the sentiments are very well expressed by the state-run media.

China supplying nuclear weapons system to Pakistan, poses threat to US, India

Senior US Congress members, led by Congressman Mike Rogers, Chairman of the Sub-committee on Strategic Forces, and Congressman Ted Poe, Chairman of the Sub-Committee on Terrorism, Non-proliferation and Trade, have warned the Obama Administration that China is supplying super sensitive nuclear weapons systems to Pakistan which could pose a threat to the national security of the United States and other nations like India.

US-India Defence Cooperation Act introduced in Senate

Ahead of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's expected visit here next month, two top American senators have introduced a legislation which if passed by Congress would elevate the status of the Indo-US defence relationship on par with that of America's closest allies like NATO and Israel.

US defends F-16 sale to Pakistan, says aircrafts to be used for counter-terror ops

The F-16 aircraft deal is facing severe opposition in the US Congress.

Pope Francis heads to Philadelphia on final leg of US tour

 Pope Francis travels to Philadelphia on Saturday for the final leg of his wildly popular inaugural tour of the United States, to greet tens of thousands of Catholics at a family festival.

US House speaker Boehner to resign next month: Lawmaker

US House Speaker John Boehner, who has spent years pushing back against a rebellious flank long seeking his ouster, told a closed-door meeting on Friday that he will resign next month, a lawmaker said. 

Pope compliments US House Speaker on his tie

Pope Francis liked the US House of Representatives speaker John Boehner`s tie and told him so at their meeting in Washington ahead of his address to the US Congress -- the first by a pontiff.

India can work its own way through Iran accord: US

With the Republican-controlled US Congress failing to scuttle the landmark Iran nuclear deal, the US said it was up to India how to work its way through the accord which "is truly an international architecture."

US Congress should pass IMF reform to integrate rising powers like India: Rice

The US Congress should pass "quota reform" of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) to better integrate the rising powers like India, National Security Advisor Susan Rice has said.

US House to vote on Keystone pipeline on Friday

The US House of Representatives will vote Friday on a bill authorising construction of the Canada-to-US Keystone XL oil pipeline, currently blocked by Democrats but a priority in the new Republican Congress.

India Inc expresses relief over end of US shutdown

The US Congress today passed a bipartisan bill to end a 16-day government shutdown and avert a historic debt default by the world's largest economy that could have had global repercussions.

US government reopens for business after two week shutdown

The US government reopens for business Thursday after a two-week shutdown and a dangerous flirt with running out of cash to pay its bills and avert a calamitous, unprecedented default.

Obama signs bill ending US shutdown, raising debt ceiling

In all likelihood the government shutdown is now expected to end today when over five lakh furloughed federal employees are expected to return to their service.

US Congress ends debt impasse, Obama vows to sign bill

Obama vowed to sign the bill and begin reopening the government "immediately."