Obama cries as he thanks campaign workers

US President Barack Obama wiped away his tears as he thanked members and volunteers of his campaign for their great work after winning the White House race.

Election protest at US university escalates

A protest at the University of Mississippi against the re-election of US President Barack Obama grew into a crowd of about 400 students.

South Asian groups urge Obama for immigration reform

A coalition of 40 South Asian organisations has urged Barack Obama to move swiftly and effectively towards enacting comprehensive immigration reform.

US Presidential Election to cost $6 bn, most expensive in history

America`s 2012 general elections is all set to be the most expensive one in its history, with the Presidential Election alone accounting USD 2.6 billion.

`US presidential polls among world`s worst`

Russia`s election chief Vladimir Churov said that the system of US Presidential Elections is "one of the worst in the world".