Iran lawmakers introduce uranium-enrichment bill

Iran`s state television broadcaster is reporting that some 100 lawmakers have introduced a bill that would force the government to increase uranium enrichment to 60 percent if new sanctions are imposed on the Islamic Republic.

Max Baucus to be named US ambassador to China

US President Barack Obama intends to nominate a senior Democratic senator as ambassador to China, party officials has said.

Barack Obama asks senators to `pause` new Iran sanctions

US President Barack Obama on Tuesday held a meeting with the senators and asked them to not propose new sanctions on Iran for now and permit the world powers to negotiate a nuclear deal.

US senate confirms Indian-American dancer to art job

The US Senate has confirmed noted Indian American Bharatanatyam exponent Ranee Ramaswamy as a member of the prestigious National Council on the Arts for a five-year term.

US shutdown: Obama rejects proposed debt plan by Republicans

The White House on Tuesday dismissed a possible plan by the Republicans that could have put an end to the US shutdown and end the political deadlock.

US shutdown: House GOP comes up with alternate plan to counter Senate

To counter a possible plan that could end a US shutdown and raise the debt ceiling, the House GOP leaders have come up with an alternate plan of their own on Tuesday to avert a crisis.

US lawmakers close to deal to end 14-day-old shutdown

As the US inched closer to an unprecedented debt default, US lawmakers on Tuesday held a flurry of negotiations and expressed optimism over a potential deal that could end the government shutdown, raise the debt ceiling and avert a crisis that may trigger a global economic turmoil.

Barack Obama postpones debt meet with lawmakers

US President Barack Obama postponed a planned meeting with lawmakers to discuss the government shutdown and the debt ceiling amid signs of progress in the Senate, the White House said on Monday.

Senate leaders nearing US debt ceiling deal

With a potential debt default looming, Senate leaders are nearing completion on a deal to stave off a self-inflicted political calamity that would shred US credibility and rock the global economy.

US government shutdown: Armed Forces will be paid on time, assures Obama

In a bid to avoid the US government shutdown’s adverse impact on US Armed Forces, President Barack Obama has signed a bill to maintain pay & allowances for members of the American military.

Would US govt face a shutdown on Oct 01?

Terming the House Bill as pointless and futile political games from Republicans, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid said that his Democratic-led chamber will reject the bill.

What if Syria retaliates? US will make Assad regret: John Kerry

In a blunt remark, US Secretary of State John Kerry issued a sharp warning to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad telling him to avoid retaliation in case of a US strike.

US spies missed signs of August 21 Syria chemical strike

US officials say intelligence agencies did not detect the Syrian regime readying a massive chemical weapons attack in the days ahead of the strike, only piecing together what had happened after the fact.

US Congressman debate Syria strike

US lawmakers appeared divided today over a possible military strike on Syria as debate over the issue entered a Congressional committee of the US House of Representatives.

France defends proposed punitive action against Syria

French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault Wednesday justified the Socialists` determination to punish Syrian regime for the alleged chemical attack, saying it would pave the way to end political conflict in that country.

Syria strike plan gets US Senate panel nod; Obama repeats ‘red line’ warning

In an initial victory for Barack Obama, his proposal on Syria won the approval of a US Senate committee as the President repeated in Sweden that the ‘red line’ set for the use of chemical weapons, was set by the world.

Barack Obama confident Congress will authorise Syria strike

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday exuded confidence that the Congress will authorise his request for a military strike against the Bashar al-Assad regime for its alleged use of chemical weapons against civilians.

Syria puts international community`s credibility on line: Obama

US President Barack Obama on Wednesday said the international community`s credibility is on the line and it cannot be silent in the face of "barbarism", even as his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin warned America and its allies against one-sided intervention in Syria.

US Senate committee passes defence spending bill

The White House would need an OK from Congress to use military force in Syria under a defence spending bill in the Senate.

China slams US resolution on South, East China Sea disputes

China said it opposes a US Senate resolution on disputes in the East China Sea and South China Sea as it wrongly blamed the country, disregarding facts.