Oz’s Labor votes for uranium sale to India

Australia`s ruling Labor on Sunday voted to overturn a decades-old ban on uranium sale to India,
paving the way for Canberra to supply yellowcake to a nation
outside the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

‘Sale of uranium to India will violate treaty’

Unless India agrees to open its
military facilities to nuclear inspectors, sale of uranium by
Australia to that country will be a breach of Federal
government`s obligations under the SPNFZ Treaty, a noted legal expert said.

Manmohan Singh, Oz PM discuss sale of Uranium

PM Manmohan Singh and his Australian counterpart Julia Gillard met here Saturday for a brief interaction.

Gillard to take forward uranium sale issue

Julia Gillard on Saturday made it clear that she would take forward her
proposal to lift ban on uranium sale to India as she met Manmohan Singh.

Better late than never: India on OZ uranium sale

India said it is waiting to see the final decision that
Canberra would reach on the issue in view of differences
within the ruling Labour Party.

Lift ban on sale of uranium to India, asks Oz MP

Australian Federal Resource Minister Martin has asked his Labor government to modernize its policy and lift the ban on sale of uranium to India as it deserves special consideration.

Oz unmoved by India`s request on Uranium sale

Australia Thursday refused to
concede to India`s repeated requests for revoking a ban on Uranium sale to it, saying Canberra remains steadfast on its policy of not selling the yellow metal to NPT non-signatories.

Greens attack Australia`s move to sell uranium to Russia

Environmentalists on Friday condemned Australia`s decision to sell uranium to Russia.