66 years post-Independence, 59.4 percent rural Indians have no latrines

At a time when the government talks about inclusive growth, more than 66 years after Independence almost 60 percent of people staying in rural India do not have access to latrine facilities, official data released here Tuesday showed.

20% urban Indians suffering from diabetes, high BP: Study

Twenty per cent of India`s population in the metros and above the age of 30 years suffer from the deadly duo of diabetes and high blood pressure according to a large-scale government study released recently.

Urban India seeks ‘agarbati’ as magic wand!

India has long been known for its spiritual and religious beliefs all over the world.

Working women in urban India put career ahead of motherhood

Working women in urban areas give precedence to their career and professional ambitions over plans to start a family, a study said on Thursday.

Low internet literacy even in urban India: Report

Sachin Pilot has promised that a
`twenty-first century` infrastructure would be set up for high speed broadband access.

Low internet literacy even in urban India: Report

`Only about 25 per cent graduates in India have the skills that deem them fit to work for multinational companies`.

Price rise sharper in rural India, shows data

The consumer price index for rural areas jumped by 9 percent in May, while that for urban areas rose by 5 percent.

Plan big, think big for urban India, says PM

Worried over "urban chaos becoming a way of life", Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Thursday called for radical reforms for the future of urban India.