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484 civilians killed in US-led fight against IS: Pentagon

Attacks on Islamic State group targets by US-led coalition forces have killed 484 civilians since mid-2014, the US military reported.

China warns against force as North Korea prepares celebration

Military force cannot resolve tension over North Korea, China said on Thursday, while an influential Chinese newspaper urged the North to halt its nuclear programme in exchange for Chinese protection.

Russia says US planes bombed Syria's Aleppo on Wednesday

Russia`s Defence Ministry said on Thursday that two U.S. aircraft had bombed the Syrian city of Aleppo on February 10, and that Russian planes had not been operating in the area.

US aircraft bombs Islamic State cash pile in Iraq

A U.S. aircraft bombed an Islamic State cash distribution site in Iraq on Monday, the U.S. military said.

Pentagon chief: Afghan situation 'confused and complicated'

Carter tells reporters traveling with him in Spain that the situation is "confused and complicated" right now.

SpiceJet's contract still stands: Boeing

SpiceJet's contract still stands: Boeing

Underlining that it wants to see its customers healthy, Boeing India President Pratyush Kumar said, "We want to be responsive to our customer's requirements. All I am saying is that there is no change in status".

Boeing compensated Air India for grounding of Dreamliner: Govt

Air India has been compensated by the US aircraft manufacturer Boeing for prolonged grounding of Dreamliner aircraft, Rajya Sabha was informed on Tuesday.

US aircraft lessor ILFC sends rental default notice to Jet

Naresh Goyal-promoted Jet Airways has been slapped with a default notice by one of its lessors, ILFC, for non-payment of rentals.

Animal fat, algae could fuel US aircraft

The US military could use Algae, vegetable oil and animal fat to power its aircraft.