Five US aircraft landed at wrong airports since 2012: NTSB

Five US aircraft, including a Southwest AirlinesBoeing 737 and an Atlas Air Boeing 747 cargo plane, landed at the wrong airports in recent years due to preventable air traffic control errors, US safety experts said on Monday.

US aircraft carrier heading away from Yemen: Officials

 A US aircraft carrier and a guided-missile cruiser are leaving the waters off Yemen and heading back to the Gulf after an Iranian naval convoy also turned back from the area, officials said Friday.

US Navy calls off search for pilot downed in jet crash

The US Navy suspended its search Saturday for a pilot who was missing after his jet collided with another US aircraft in the western Pacific Ocean.

US Aircraft crashes into Atlantic: NORAD

The North American Aerospace Defense Command has said it scrambled two F-16 fighter jets to aid an aircraft that appears to have crashed into the Atlantic.

China dismisses US criticism of jet encounter as "groundless"

China dismissed US criticism of manoeuvres by one of its jets near a US Navy patrol plane off the Chinese coast as groundless and said its pilot had maintained a safe distance from the US aircraft.

North Korea warns of counter-attack on US warship

North Korea threatened to "bury in the sea" a US aircraft carrier, as it slammed a three-nation naval drill involving US, South Korean and Japanese warships.

US Navy to attempt first unmanned carrier landing

The US Navy will attempt to land a drone the size of a fighter jet aboard an aircraft carrier for the first time on Wednesday.

`Indo-Russian jet better than US aircraft`

The Indo-Russian FGFA is superior than the similar Chinese and American rival fighter jets, a top Russian military commander has claimed.

Debris of WW II US aircraft found in Tripura

Fragments of a US military aircraft, used during World War II, have been recovered in northern Tripura 66 years after it crashed, defence sources said here Saturday.

Taiwan receives two US early warning aircraft

Taiwan received two upgraded early
warning aircraft from the United States.

US aircraft makes emergency landing in Islamabad

The plane was hit by an unidentified object while in flight.

Animal fat, algae could fuel US aircraft

The US military could use Algae, vegetable oil and animal fat to power its aircraft.

Man threatens to blow up US plane

A passenger on a US aircraft sprayed the first class cabin with a water bottle, tried to open a cabin door and threatened to blow up the plane, officials have said.

China approves US aircraft carrier`s Hong Kong visit

China has given the green light to the visit of a US aircraft carrier to Hong Kong, a US official said on Thursday, amid strained Sino-US military ties over Washington`s sale of arms to Taiwan.