Boeing jumbo lands at little US airport, by mistake

A Boeing 747 Dreamlifter that landed unexpectedly at a small airport in Kansas has been cleared to take off again on Friday, weather permitting, a spokeswoman for the local airport authority said.

Boeing jumbo jet lands at wrong US airport

Boeing says a 747 jumbo jet used to haul parts for construction of its new 787 Dreamliner jet landed at the wrong Kansas airport.

Man faces jail over US airport ice bomb `pranks`

A man was charged with planting at least two "dry ice" bombs at the main Los Angeles airport, and could face up to six years in jail, police said.

US airport to use goats, other animals to clear vegetation

Chicago`s O`Hare International Airport presented its latest ecological initiative: a flock of goats, sheep, llamas and burros that will graze on 5,000 square meters of airport ground, to control the vegetation.

Racial profiling at US airport: TSA officers

The officers provided written complaints about profiling from 32 officers at a meeting last month with TSA officials, it said.

Man strips naked at US airport to protest screening

A man stripped naked at Portland International Airport in a novel protest against US airport security screeners.

‘Kalam not exempted from frisking at US airports`

Government Thursday said that
former President A P J Abdul Kalam did not fall under the category of people exempted from security screenings at the US airports but this courtesy was extended to him in keeping with his stature.

Sikh man stabbed at California airport

A Sikh man traveling to India has
been stabbed at an airport in California.

95-yr-old has to go through pat down at US airport

A 95-year-old cancer-stricken
lady was forced to undergo 45 minutes of pat-down
at a US airport.

Man charged with sex assault at US airport

Noel Bertrand is suspected of raping a 22-year-old woman at Denver International Airport and charged with one count of sexual assault.

Pak military delegation detained in US

A top Pak military delegation was detained and quizzed in US for unruly behaviour.

Parts of US airport evacuated after threat

Parts of a terminal at Los Angeles International Airport were briefly evacuated when a man made threats that turned out to be false.