TSA to do away with full body scanners at US airports

Controversial full body scanners will be removed from the US airports amid widespread privacy concerns.

`US airports are not secure enough’

Since November 2001, there have been more than 25,000 security breaches at US airports.

Sikhs warned of more turban screening in US

Already peeved by security pat downs, Sikhs in the US have been warned that they could now face 100% screening of their turbans at American airports as the new imaging technology cannot see through their `pagris`.

Elaborate security check of Sikhs at US airports not fair: Kaur

The Centre is vigorously taking up
with US officials the issue of Sikhs being subjected to
elaborate security checks at its airports, Minister of State
for External Affairs Preneet Kaur said.

Sikhs slam mandatory turban search at US airports

The TSA demands that Sikhs undergo secondary screening for turban they wear.

US installing advanced imaging technology at airports

Learning lessons from al-Qaeda`s botched Christmas Day attempt to blow up an American plane, the US is installing advanced imaging technology at airports.

Explosive detection tech to be expanded at US airports

The US on Wednesday announced expanding of the random explosive trace detection technology to screen passengers at airports nationwide as an additional layer of security.