Under US pressure, Iraq denies Iran arms deals

Iraq, facing heavy pressure from the United States, has denied signing deals for weapons and ammunition with Iran in apparent violation of international sanctions.

China opposes US arms sales to Taiwan

China reiterated its firm opposition to arms sales to Taiwan by the US.

India becomes third biggest US arms purchaser

US Foreign Military Sales passed the USD 30 billion mark for the fourth consecutive year, with the 2011 figure starting USD 34.8 billion.

US sent arms to Egypt during crackdown: Amnesty

The US State Department said American companies had shipped tear gas to Egypt under a previous license that has since expired.

India against US `blank cheque` to Pakistan: Rao

India has conveyed its concern to the US over arms sales to Pak and is against giving a "blank cheque" to Islamabad to spread more terror.

Israel seeking arms, ammunition from US

Israel is seeking arms and ammunitions in bulk from its close ally America.

`India should not have reservations over US arms aid to Pak`

Pakistan Friday said that India
should not have any reservations that the weapons and military
aid received by Islamabad from the US will be used against it.

Any misuse of arms supplied to Pak will be probed: US

Taking note of India`s concerns,
the United States on Monday warned Pakistan that any "misuse" of
weapons supplied to it will be investigated and the US
Congress will take it "seriously".

Pak calls its military doctrine `defensive`

Rejecting India`s concerns, Pak has claimed that its military doctrine is purely defensive in nature.

Pak should use US weapons only to fight Qaeda, India to US

AK Antony said the US should ensure that the "latest tranche of military aid" is used in fighting Qaeda.

Taiwan to seek more US arms despite improved China ties

Taiwan`s Defence Minister has vowed to seek more weaponry from the United States, which he said would give the island greater confidence in pushing for rapprochement talks with China.

US sold $4.5 bn worth arms to Pak in three years: Report

The US sold arms worth $4.5 bn to Pak between 2005 & 2008, says a Congressional report even as Washington expressed concern about Arms diversion.

Pak says no modification made to Harpoon missile

Pakistan on Sunday rejected an
allegation that it had illegally modified US-made Harpoon missiles to enhance its ability to attack land targets, including in India.