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Dallas police chief says armed civilians in Texas "increasingly challenging"

The Dallas police chief stepped into America's fierce gun-rights debate on Monday when he said Texas state laws allowing civilians to carry firearms openly, as some did during a protest where five officers were killed, presented a growing law enforcement challenge.

US Army captain helps foil Denmark school attack plot

 A US Army captain in Iraq helped crack a plot to bomb a Danish school after gleaning crucial details from documents recovered from extremists, the Pentagon said Wednesday.

US Army approves 22 women officer candidates for possible combat units

US Army approves 22 women officer candidates for possible combat units

Twenty-two women currently training to become US Army officers will be allowed to enter the service as second lieutenants in the infantry and armor branches under historic new rules that allow women to serve in combat jobs, the Army said on Friday.

US Army allows Sikh soldier to keep beard - for now

Granting a rare religious accommodation to an active-duty combat soldier, the US Army has allowed a Sikh captain to grow his beard and wear a turban, in a move that may have far reaching implications for troops seeking to display their faith, a media report said.

US military to investigate strike that Afghans say killed

The US military said it would launch an investigation into an airstrike last week that Afghan officials say killed 11 members of Afghanistan`s elite counter-narcotics police force.

Meet JLTV, US Army’s successor to the iconic Humvee

Meet JLTV, US Army’s successor to the iconic Humvee

It’s lighter, faster and provides a higher degree of protection from blasts says Oshkosh Defense, builder of the new Joint Light Tactical Vehicle for the US Army.

Two US soldiers become symbols of new generation of female fighters

 When two young women graduate from the US Army`s prestigious Ranger School on Friday, they will cement their places at the forefront of a new generation of females in combat roles.

Female combat roles in focus as first women become US Rangers

 With the first female soldiers about to make history as elite Rangers, the US Army is in the process of making official what began in the field long ago. 

US military deploys troops to help in California wildfires

 The US Army is sending hundreds of troops to help tackle wildfires raging across parched California, authorities said Tuesday, while also warning of the growing risk posed by drone pilots flying over affected areas.

First women soldiers to graduate from elite US Ranger School

Two American women will on Friday become the first female soldiers to graduate from the elite and hugely demanding Ranger School, the US Army announced.

Departing US army chief says Iraq may have to be partitioned

 The US Army`s outgoing chief of staff warned Wednesday that reconciliation between Shiites and Sunnis in Iraq is becoming harder and that partitioning the country "might be the only solution."

US military sees more use of laser, microwave weapons

The U.S. military has made strides in developing lasers, microwaves and other directed energy weapons, and could soon use them more widely, top armed forces officials and U.S. lawmakers told an industry conference on Tuesday.

US Army confirms 40,000 soldiers to be cut

 The US Army said Thursday it aims to cut 40,000 soldiers from its ranks over the next two years in order to achieve target workforce reductions, confirming numbers leaked this week.

US plans to cut 40,000 soldiers from Army: Official

US plans to cut 40,000 soldiers from Army: Official

The US Army plans to cut 40,000 soldiers from its ranks over the next two years in sweeping cutbacks at home and abroad, a US defense official said Tuesday.

Bomb kills nine Afghan children, 10 adults

Bomb kills nine Afghan children, 10 adults

A roadside bomb killed at least 19 Afghan civilians including nine children in a southern province, while Taliban fighters in the north captured a key district on the frontline of the battle for Kunduz city, officials said on Sunday.

White House fence jumper to be sentenced in US court

A US Army veteran who burst into the White House with a knife in September is scheduled to be sentenced in federal court on Tuesday.

Sikh wins right to join US Army prog keeping articles of faith

 A 20-year-old Sikh-American student has won a significant legal battle in the US with a court allowing him to enrol in an army programme without removing his articles of faith like the beard and turban.

US Army website hacked: Officials

The US Army`s official website was hacked Monday with messages denouncing Washington`s training of rebel fighters inside Syria, but no data was stolen, officials said.

Canada says no danger posed by US anthrax shipment

The Canadian government confirmed on Tuesday that it received an anthrax sample kit from the U.S Department of Defense that might have contained live bacterium, but it said there were no reported illnesses.

Last chance for women in US Army Ranger test

 The final eight women still trying to pass the US Army`s Ranger School course have failed one phase of the test, but will get a final chance to try again this week.