Gaddafi stashed $1.1 bn of Libya govt assets in US

Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase are holding $1.1 billion in Muammar Gaddafi’s Libyan government assets.

US banks failures reach nine in 2010

US Regulators shut down banks Friday in Florida, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington, bringing to nine the number of bank failures so far in 2010.

Four US banks bite the dust in `10; three fail in one day

Three American banks closed businesses last week even as the US economy is slowly showing signs of revival.

US financial companies paid $145 bn in 2009: WSJ

Total pay at US banks and securities companies jumped nearly 18 percent to a record $145 billion in 2009, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) estimated in an analysis published in its online edition on Thursday.

US bank chiefs questioned by Congress over financial crisis

Wall Street`s top bankers Wednesday faced a confrontational congressional panel tasked with getting to the bottom of a financial crisis that plunged the world into a devastating recession.

US bank bailout estimate cut by $200 billion

The projected long-term cost of the US government`s bailout of the nation`s big banks is going to be at least USD200 billion less than previously thought, a Treasury Department official said on Sunday night.

US regional banks grow on the cheap amid crisis

The 20-year record high bankruptcy rate for US banks and businesses is giving regional banks on sound footing the opportunity to expand swiftly and on the cheap.

More US banks closed, number rises to 120

Regulators on Friday shut banks in Georgia, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and California, bringing the number of bank failures this year to 120 amid the struggling economy and a cascade of defaults on loans.

CIT goes bankrupt; fifth largest bankruptcy in US

The century-old American lender CIT Group has filed for bankruptcy, the fifth largest in the country`s corporate history by assets at USD 71 billion.

US bank failures inching towards 100-mark

Pushing up the total number of US
bank failures so far this year to close to a century, three
more US banks have folded up last week even as the
recession-hit economy is seeing signs of revival.

Three more US banks closed, nearly 100 for year

Three US banks failed on Friday, bringing the total to 98 this year, as regulators continue to shutter financial institutions.

Ten US banks collapse each month; 107 since Sept `08

A staggering 107 banks have folded up in the US since the collapse of the once-famed Wall Street firm Lehman Brothers last September, with 92 entities of them failing in 2009.

US `problem banks` soar to 416 in Q2; highest in 15 years

The American banking system
continues to feel the tremors of the financial turmoil, with
the number of problem banks shooting up to 416 in the June
quarter, the highest since 1994.

Ten US banks bite the dust every month; 81 failures in `09

Four more American banks went
belly up last week, pushing the total failures to a staggering
81 entities so far this year, even as the country`s economy is
showing early signs of recovery.

Sixty-nine US banks go belly up in 2009, 24 fail in July

Bank failures in the US are
increasing by the day, with an average of ten entities going
belly up every month, taking the toll to 69 so far this