Bae, the longest-held US prisoner in North Korea

A South Korean-born missionary detained by North Korea just over two years ago, Kenneth Bae was the US citizen who languished the longest in the totalitarian state`s jails.

Israel troops kill US-Palestinian teen in West Bank

Washington confirmed Friday that a Palestinian teenager shot dead by Israeli troops was a US citizen -- the second time this week an American child has fallen victim to the ongoing conflict.

Terror plotter Padilla gets new 21-year sentence

Convicted al Qaeda terrorism plotter Jose Padilla, a US citizen jailed for years as an enemy combatant, was handed a new 21-year prison sentence Tuesday because an appeals court determined his previous 17-year term was too lenient.

US citizen among 24 jailed over Saudi 'terror cell'

A Riyadh court jailed 24 people, including a US citizen, for up to 27 years Wednesday for forming a "terrorist cell" and attempting to attack Saudi and Bahrain, state media said.

Pakistan arrests US citizen at airport for ammunition

A United States citizen was arrested at Islamabad airport for attempting to board a plane carrying ammunition, Pakistan officials said, in the second such case since May.

Congressional resolution for release of US citizen held in Pak

US lawmaker has introduced a Congressional resolution seeking the release of a 72-year-old American national, who was abducted by al-Qaeda in Pakistan in 2011.

North Korea detains US citizen: KCNA

North Korea has detained a US citizen for "rash behaviour" while passing through immigration, the official KCNA news agency said Friday as President Barack Obama started a two-day visit to South Korea.

US warns visitors to Sochi to stay vigilant

The United States updated its travel alert Friday for the Sochi Winter Olympics, and specifically warned American gays about stringent new anti-gay laws.

99-year-old woman from Iran becomes US citizen

In nearly a century since her Iranian birth, Khatoun Khoykani has lived through revolutions and world wars.

Stop digging deeper into the hole of provocation: US tells North Korea

The White House advised North Korea to stop digging deeper into the hole of provocation that is leading them into further international isolation while the Pentagon said that Pyongyang has taken a provocation pause.

American sentenced to 15 yrs of hard labour in North Korea

In what may reignite the tensions between the US and North Korea, Pyongyang on Thursday announced the sentencing of An American to 15 years of "compulsory labor" for “anti-government crimes”.

North Korea says to put US citizen on trial

North Korea said Saturday that it would put a US citizen on trial for trying to overthrow the communist regime, in the face of soaring tensions between Pyongyang and the West.

A dog has its day: Belarusian canine inherits 1 million dollars

A dog from a small village in Belarus has inherited a fortune of nearly $1 million from a US citizen of Belarusian origin.

US confirms its citizen detained in North Korea

The United States has confirmed that one of its citizens has been detained in North Korea.

American detained in North Korea

A US citizen was detained in North Korea for committing a crime, the official media reported.

US citizen sentenced to life in Iraqi prison

An Iraqi court has sentenced an American citizen to life in prison on charges of assisting al Qaeda and financing terrorist activities in Iraq.

Jack Osbourne becomes US citizen

British reality TV star Jack Osbourne has attained US citizenship.

Iraqi woman, 111, sworn in as US citizen

US Citizenship and Immigration Services spokeswoman Marilu Cabrera says Warina Zaya Bashou was born in 1900.

American sentenced to prison for Thai royal insult

A court in Thailand sentenced a US citizen to two and a half years in prison for defaming the country`s royal family by translating excerpts of a locally banned biography of the king and posting them online.

Kidnapped US boy`s relative escapes in Philippines

Ransom kidnappings have long been a problem in the impoverished region and are blamed mostly on the Abu Sayyaf.