US court dismisses case against Rajapaksa

A federal US court dismissed a lawsuit against Mahinda Rajapaksa, noting he is immune as a sitting Head of State.

US court to hear 1984 riots case against Congress

The case will be heard by Judge Robert W Sweet of the US Federal Court in New York, according to Sikhs for Justice.

US: `Psychotic` Indian mom to return home

A "psychotic" Indian mother, who
threw her 19-month-old baby into the Hudson river two years
ago, has been allowed to return home to reunite with her
daughters after a court here was told that her mental
condition had improved.

US court denies fresh trial for Tahawwur Rana

Tahawwur Rana had appealed for a new trial in September last year
citing that the jury was confused and that he did not get a
fair trial.

`Media can access Headley`s interrogation tapes`

US court ruled that
only portions of the tape that were played in court will be
allowed to be accessed by the media.

’84 riots: US court reserves verdict in Nath case

A US federal court has reserved judgment on Indian Urban Development Minister Kamal Nath`s claim for diplomatic immunity in a case over his alleged role in the November 1984 anti-Sikh riots.

Somali pirates appealing conviction in US court

Five Somali men who launched
an attack on a Navy warship off the coast of Africa sought to
reverse a jury`s verdict.

US court orders immediate halt to gay military ban

The court order blocks the military from discharging anyone based on sexual orientation.

`84 Anti-Sikh riots: Nath denies inciting violence

Urban Development Minister Kamal
Nath has rejected allegations of his involvement in the 1984
anti-Sikh riots in a US court, and claimed diplomatic
immunity in the case.

Can`t ban violent video sales to kids: US court

The Supreme Court has ruled that states can1t ban the sale of ultraviolent video games to children.

Sri Lanka rejects US court summons

Sri Lanka has rejected a US
court summons served on President Mahinda Rajapaksa over a USD
30 million damages suit against him.

India disappointed over Rana`s acquittal

Tahawwur Rana was cleared in the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attacks by a US court.

`H-1B staff with pending extension pleas can stay`

H-1B employees, whose timely- filed applications for extension of visas are pending before US immigration authorities, may not be arrested for "overstaying" now following a recent federal court ruling on the issue.

Answer charges on 1984 riots: US court to Congress

India`s Congress party has been asked to respond by April 1 to "summons" issued by a US court to answer charges of "conspiring, aiding, abetting and organizing" attacks on Sikhs in November 1984.

US: Teen Somali pirate sentenced to nearly 34 years

The teenaged pirate, Abduwali Abdukhadir Muse, was captured in 2009.

US court tosses Emanuel off Chicago mayoral ballot

Former White House chief of staff vows to appeal the ruling to state SC.

Kamal Nath summoned in Sikh riots case

A US court has summoned Kamal Nath in connection with the 1984 anti-Sikh riots case.

Pak court adjourns Saeed`s petition to defend him in US court

Saeed contended he had the right to seek aid from the
government as it had decided to defend Inter-Services
Intelligence officials named in the lawsuit.

US court yet to decide on accused Pak cab driver`s release

Raja Lahrasib Khan is accused of aiding a top al Qaeda commander.

Defend me in US court, JuD chief tells Pak govt

JuD chief Hafiz Saeed has moved the Lahore HC seeking direction for the Pakistan govt to defend him, ISI chiefs and others before a US court.