Echoes of 2008 crisis met with dull bailout tools

Extreme market volatility has sparked comparisons to the 2008 global credit crisis, but Washington`s ability to help out weak financial firms is dramatically different.

Don`t count on China to reprise 2008 global saviour role

China is still nursing a hangover from its 2008 stimulus spending spree and may be reluctant to kick off another big round, leaving less potent options on the table should the global economy tilt toward a cliff.

Credit ratings love-hate has simple answer

Moody`s supports removing ratings from regulations, according to the firm`s July 27 congressional testimony.

Debt relief replaced with recession fear

In a matter of days, investor relief that the United States avoided default has been replaced by fears Europe`s debt crisis is deepening and the world`s biggest economy may be slipping back into recession.